Black People : Mutant Mice - No Fear of Cats

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    University team creates mutant mouse with no fear of cats

    Friday, November 09, 2007

    By Steve Connor

    The game of cat and mouse will never seem the same again. Scientists have created a mutant mouse which has lost its instinctive fear of felines.

    A genetic change to the mouse's sense of smell has caused it to lose the ability to associate the smell of a cat with an innate fear of a potential predator.

    The result is a mouse that will happily approach a cat without showing any of the natural alarm that the rodents normally display when they catch the tiniest whiff of a feline foe.

    Hitoshi Sakano, who led the study at the University of Tokyo, said his research was important because it showed it was possible to override the innate aversion that all mammals – including humans ...

    "The cats were fed well before taking photos. Otherwise, they would kill our precious mutant mice," Professor Sakano said.

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