Black People : Mutant Africans

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    Where the Niger meets the Nile
    Many thousands of years ago the cold winds of Europe transformed Africans into people without color
    Today the cold wins of North America transform Africans into people without souls

    Yesterday I was talking to my cousin in D.C. He was telling me about a lady there who is trying to fight for the up keep of the building she lives in. Seems there is a man who runs a bakery and instead of taking the bread scraps across the way to the dump he takes them up to his apartment and throws them out the window. Of course the birds come and leave their bird drops and the rats and bugs come. I is just filthy. None of the neighbors wll support the woman in trying to get something done about this because...(are you sitting down? Is your bladder empty? Are there any sharp objects within your immediate vicinity?) they won't support her because they think she is acting white by wanting to live in a clean place.

    Which is worse Africans who want to be white or Africans who have a screwed idea of what it means to be Black? I am a writer. I have knowledge. But nothing that I write can be a help to those who do not read. And so I am here preaching to the choir. But knowledge is not enough without a realistic hope that that knowledge can be used to make a difference.