Black Authors : MUST READ: Wild Seed

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    Review by Me (Msinterpret)
    When I think of Octavia E. Butler's writings, I melt...Her books are phenomenal science fiction stories.

    Wild Seed is by far one of my top 5 favorite books, probably #2 on my list right next to Kindred.

    Wild Seed is located in the time around slavery. It starts off in the continent of Africa. A mysterious man named Doro, who enters the life of a woman, named Anyanwu who lives in Africa, and entices her to take a journey with him to a strange new land, which is America.

    Both Doro and Anyanwu are odd and naturally, yet awkwardly gravitate to each one.

    Doro does not seem to die, for he posses a power which her can transfer his spirit into others while killing them and residing in someone else body for a period of time.

    Anyauwu has lived many MANY years, she may be old, but in her appearance she looks much too young. She can heal folks by touching skin and create new medicines. She can also transform into animals and even the opposite sex.

    Both go onto America where Doro has set up a commune of those who also have strange and unique identities. It is there that Anyauwu realizes that she is in a situation that she can not escape and must accept Doro's way of life or die.

    Ms. Butler wraps polygamy, sex, identity-crises, religion, and politics into one book. READ IT!