Black Spirituality Religion : Muslims follow Jesus Christ more than Christians?


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Jul 13, 2010
A must see show for every Christian and truth seeker. LET US KNOW WHAT YOU THINK after watching the show on who you think really is following the true teachings of Jesus Christ. In this episode of The Deen Show Dr. Brown explains some of the primary differences between the taproot of the message of Jesus and the Pauline Doctrine. Episode Content: Introduction [start time 00:00] Everybody has the right to their religion [start time 02:37] What does the word "Christian" mean? [start time 03:40] who was the Christ? Who was the messiah? [start time 08:31] Do Muslims follow Christ? [start time 09:13] Who "really" follows Jesus? [start time 12:12] Who looks more like Jesus? Who looks more like Mary? Dress of Jesus? What was Jesus about? [start time 16:40] Greeting of Peace [start time 18:40] Religious Practices [start time 20:30] Creed of Jesus? [start time 23:23] Jesus called himself "Son of Man" All the Prophets were Muslim? [start time 26:42] Conclusion [start time 29:04] Teaching of Jesus or Paul? [start time 34:53] Mathew, Mark, Luke, and John [start time 38:43] Teachings of Jesus vs. Paul [start time 43:19] Does the bible allude a forth-coming Prophet? [start time 50:42] Who was the last Prophet? [start time 54:25] About Me [start time 59:11] Conclusion [start time 1:00:00]​

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Omowale Jabali

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What exactly is Pauline Doctrine?


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Dec 2, 2007
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Christians can more accurately be said to follow Pauline doctrine then Christ-ian doctrine. Hence, most of the books in the New Testament are letters from Paul rather then gospels containing the red words. It is critical to balance what Christians say against what they are actually doing. One example is the glaring contradiction between the Christ-Ian doctrine to turn the other cheek and the fact that 95% of the nukes in our world are stockpiled by nations whose citizens are, by majority, Christians. But good luck trying to explain this to a Christian. Their beliefs begin with an unshakeable conviction that Paul and Jesus were teaching the same doctrine. This despite :
1) That Paul never met Jesus.
2) That Paul participated in the murder of Stephen, a respected leader of the early church.
3) That Paul, even after his Damascus road conversion, continued to have doctrinal conflicts with the early church fathers, particularly Peter.
4) That some of Christianity's most controversial doctrines (slaves obeying masters, women keeping silent in church, etc.) were never taught by Jesus and can be traced to verses in the letters of Paul.

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