Black Muslims : Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

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    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Muslim Jewish Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth is to reach out to people of faith: * To share with them the extensive research that has shown that the official story cannot be true and that a new investigation is needed, in order to pursue justice for all victims of 9/11. * To encourage them to see the immorality, of using a false story as a basis for invading countries, inflicting torture, negating civil liberties, driving a false wedge between Muslims and other religions and creating of a climate of fear in the US and world. * To recognize that if communities of faith are to be the conscience of the state, relying on news sources that are heavily influenced by the state cannot be a reliable means for independent assessment. * To understand the choice we face as people of God between loyalty to God or loyalty to Empire. * To do all of the above while trying to speak the truth in love.
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