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Desert Storm

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Mar 31, 2001

In the talent arena
It's so hard to find
Good music for your soul

Reaching out
On this blessed day

Just chillin like a villin
Havin some fun being ma self

Easy to wonder
Bout new horizons

And visions to concieve
Or believe which ever you can feel

THe feelin so good
And the rythm makes me high (can't you see)

So if you believe in music (because I do)
Relax and express yourself

Take a breather
And emotion teaser

Elevate your life
Perfect a vision of a dream
That you desire

The list contiues to multiply

Why don't you try some music
Are you too shy?

Desert Storm
New beginnings
I see for you

Visions and dreams
That keep you awake at night

Inpite (of the silence)
In season

You're so pleasin (to the sound)
To hear ya always(Makes me smile)

Gifted(can't you hear it)
In ma spirit(you have melted my heart away)

To surrender(to the joy)
Magnificent and clear

Can't you tell(a change in me)
Can't you see how I studder and blush (when your presence is near)

Willing to believe in you(you give me faith)

Desert Storm


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