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    THE SACRED MUSHROOM & THE CROSS: Linking biblical

    Crucifixions terms and language with Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet

    Brief excerpts from the book: The Sacred Mushroom page 107 By John Allegro:

    “The verb used in this gruesome tale for “Crucify” means properly “Disjoint”. In the story of Jacob’s wrestling match with the angel it expressed the dislocation of the hip-joint or his penis at a place called “Peniel” most likely a pun on Penis:

    When the man saw that he did not prevail against Jacob, he touched the hollow of his thigh; and Jacob’s thigh was put out of joint as he wrestled with him…therefore to this day the Israelites do not eat the sinew-socket [Penis] of the hip which is upon the hollow of the thigh, because he touched the hollow of Jacob’s thigh on the sinew of the hip (Gen 32:25-32).

    Acharya S states “The terms “thigh” and hollow of Thigh” used a number of times in the OT are actually euphemisms for penis”-The Christ Conspiracy p. 280. Returning back to Allegro:

    “The “hip” motif is a recurrent theme in mushroom (Penis) mythology…Again as Jesus hangs on the cross, a soldier runs him through the side with his spear (John 19:34). The resultant wound made a mark large enough for the Doubting Thomas to put his fist in (John 20:25,27). In all these references, the allusion is to the ball-and socket picture presented by the hip-joint, by the head of the penis in the female vagina, or as was fancifully imagined, by the stem in the cap of the mushroom, and the separation of the one from the other by violent means.

    As crucifixion was envisaged primarily as pulling apart of the limbs, so scourging also had a similar connotation. The victim was splayed on a frame to receive the lashes, like a starfish stretched out the sand. So in the Jesus story, he is scourged before being crucified, In this case, there is a word-play also involved, since his title, Christ, the “smeared, and anointed with semen”, falls together in Aramaic with a verb meaning, “to stretch out”. P.107

    Christianity through the Eucharist supersedes the eating of the Penis by symbolically eating the mushroom: “appears like a small penis” (see page XV). We all know that Jesus was in part symbolic of Osiris (El-Ausar-us/Lazarus) who was cut up and his penis ate by a Nile Fish.

    Allegro goes on about the mushroom being a poisonous fungus (Amanita muscaria) and must be cooked and eaten in the proper manner or else

    “Well might the writer of Corinthians issue this warning p.163:

    Whoever, therefore, eats the bread (manna/mushroom) or drinks the cup of the lord unworthily will be guilty of profaning the body and blood of the lord. Let a man examine himself, and so eat of the bread and drink of the cup. For anyone who eats and drinks without critically treating his body, eats and drinks a “crisis’ upon himself. That is why many of you are weak and ill, and some have died…(1 Cor 11:27-30)

    Jesus said that those who ate manna after the Exodus died after 40 years and didn’t get to the Promised Land but his body/flesh of manna would allow them to live forever John 6:43-59

    Could this be about not Boiling & baking the Manna/Mushroom not properly like it tells you in Exodus 16:11-23 and so maggots and stink don’t grow on it like Lazarus body was in the NT?

    And I hate to get off on a tangent but why do the popes dress up like Mushrooms of Amanita muscaria dressing up with red on top and white like the stem of the mushroom. And at the communion the Catholics call the Manna/mushroom a wafer being based in Exodus 16:31-33.

    NOW GETTING TO THE JOINTS of Romeo & Juliet

    Joe Atwill wrote Shakespeare Secret Messiah and had this to say in part on the play Romeo & Juliet:

    The clearest representation of the coming cannibalism on Lammastide occurs in another of Romeo’s statements as he enters the Tomb


    Thou detestable maw, thou womb of death

    Gorged with the dearest morsel of the earth,

    Thus I enforce thy rotten jaws to open,

    And, in despite, I’ll cram thee with more food.

    Perhaps the wittiest example of the wordplay concerning cannibalism is a theme that runs throughout the play regarding “Joints”. The author begins her punning on the word ‘joint” in the following passage in which Juliet’s father instructs her to take her “joints” to the Church, and then refers to her as “Carrion”-(dead body for animals to eat)


    How now, chop-logic! What is this?

    Proud, and I thank you, and I thank you not;

    And yet not proud, mistress minion, you

    Thank me no thankings, nor proud me no prouds

    But fettle your fine joints (Recall Mary’s fine/good portion Luke 10) gainst Thursday next

    To go with Paris to Saint Peter’s Church,

    Or I will drag thee on a hurdle-thither

    Out, you green-sickness Carrion! Out you Baggage

    You tallow-face (III 5, 149-157)

    The author then builds upon the theme in the following passage in which Juliet envisions playing madly with joints at her family Tomb (IV, 3, 46-57)

    The theme becomes completely clarified in the following passage in which Romeo foresees the strewing of Joints and Limbs throughout a hungry churchyard. It must be remembered that the Flavian satirical system indicated that the Jewish Messiah was “pruned”-that is his limbs were taken off-and eaten by his followers. In Romeo and Juliet this grim joke was reversed back upon the gentile’s royal family.


    In what I further shall intend to do,

    By heaven, I will tear thee joint by joint

    And strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs (V, 3, 36)

    Having established the punning theme on “Joint”, the author delivers the punch line at the conclusion of the play. In the following passage, Juliet’s father asks for Montague’s “hand”, calling it his daughter’s “jointure” (Dowry)


    O brother Montague, give me your hand.

    This is my daughter’s jointure

    For no more can I demand (V, 3, 296-298)

    The satire of cannibalism in Shakespeare literature is taken to perhaps the highest metaphorical pitch in Romeo & Juliet. The first fruits in Romeo & Juliet are punning substance, the “flower”-that is “flour” of youth. Juliet and Romeo are incorporated-made into One body and flesh-in the marriage service. They shall not stay alone, Til Holy church incorporate two into one (II, 6, 37). This metaphorical logic continues with Juliet’s father who is opposed to the marriage stating: “God’s bread! It makes me mad” (III, 5, 18).

    When Tupac died his inner circle contemplated smoking his ashes mixing them up in a joint hoping to merge their bodies into his. The lady of rage said she wanted to do it but didn’t get the chance and has no evidence the deed was carried out.

    THE MUSHROOM CHRIST: 3 Sexual stages

    By Andre Austin

    The Mushroom was one of many symbolic symbols of Christ Jesus. When the Mushroom is growing it takes on three stages. Jesus makes himself into the Manna/Mushroom to be eaten at the Eucharist or communal see John 6: 48-55 this manna/mushroom saves or redeems the world:

    1. First stage of the Mushroom takes on embryonic egg shape. This is the Easter Egg for kids to eat symbolically.

    2. 2nd stage takes on the image of a penis. This is why the Vatican has a picture of Christ Substitute as a rooster with its beak as a Penis/Mushroom. The Pope sometimes dons all white with a red scarf on top to resemble the red Mushrooms.

    3. 3rd stage of the Mushroom takes on the image of the vagina

    4. Paul advises followers to eat the bread/wine in the proper manner (1 Cor 11:23-29). The proper manner is to bake & boil see Exodus 16:23 however read the whole chapter.

    5. When Rome fought against the Jews between 66-73Ad they siege Jerusalem and encircled it with a wall. They starved the Jews to death and they started to eat cattle dung (War of the Jews 5,13,7) . I believe the Romans were using scriptures based on Ezekiel 4:9-16 advising the use of growing mushrooms/Herbs on top of cattle dung. I must note this and other incidents of the unfortunate sexual innuendo behind the images as the Romans sought to humiliate the Jewish Christ in the NT in the most extreme and comic manner as possible.

    [​IMG]Catholic wafer (Manna/Wafer Exodus 16:31)

    [​IMG]Mushroom shape like a wafer (Manna/wafer Exodus 16:31)

    6. Unfortunately, the cannibalism story in the War of the Jews 6, chap 3, 201-214) where a Mary from the House of Hyssop eats her infant Eleazar/Lazarus finds its way into the NT. I’m glad because it helped me discover that Christ Jesus was El-Ausar-us/Lazarus (Osiris) who was cut up by Satan, Isis restore his whole body except for the penis being eaten by a Nile fish. The NT has Jesus manna/mushroom eaten and Peter another name for penis as his substitute being taken to Rome. Vespasian and Titus who destroyed the Jews militarily moves on to ridicule them religious by having them take part in unwitting cannibalism based in part on the famine/cannibalism he forced on them. So the Eucharist ends up being that substance that nourishes you, destroys you. The Russians could of did the same political propaganda to the Nazi Germans when they surrounded Stalingrad and forced them to crave the skin off of dead soldiers behinds and eat it.

    For more information look at the videos posted on Youtube/Facebook or read the book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross By John Allegro. Also see The Origins of Religion: A dissertation upon the Divine Manna of the ancient Jews and the Eucharist of the Catholic Church By Rev Nicklas Failla



    Looks like a Mushroom to me


    After reading Joeseph Atwill’s essay on The *** (Donkey)-headed Christ in his second book Shakespear’s secret Messiah I was convinced that the real messiah name was Lazrus (Elezar) based on a military leader who fought against the Roman Empire. Peter became his substitute Donkey taken to Rome to be executed.

    First we must note that Lazarus/Eleazar (they made him a supper (John 12:2) which matches him with War of the Jews 6, 201-219. Lazarus was not restored to life but merely raised his decomposing body from the ground. First we must understand that Christ Jesus was a title that was used by Lazarus. Just read Mark 14:3 and John 12: 1-9 where they talk of putting oil on Jesus/Lazarus head it’s the same oil for the same person, its interchangeable. Judas objects to the use of the expensive oil because it can be used for the poor. Judas states that the oil/head could have sold for more than 300 denarii or more than a years wage was 1 denarii per day. (Mark 14:5). The basis for the price he is asking is found in 2 Kings 6:25 (due to famine) where the price of an ***’s head is said to be 80 shekels. As a shekel was worth 4 denarii, the head would have fetched was 320 denarii= 80 x 4=320 which fits with Judas saying it was worth more that 300.

    Moving through the Typological storyline, the ‘need’ that Jesus tells his disciples in the synoptics ‘Triumphal entrance story that he has for ‘*****/Donkeys is actually to transport the Passover meal-the butchered ‘***’ Lazarus-to Jerusalem. And once he has his quartet of *****, he places Lazarus body onto the team of three mules. Jesus can now fufill the prophecy in jeremiah because he as assembled three donkeys and the king/messiah of the jews-the *** Lazarus. The triumphal entry that the Gospels actually describe is that of three mules carrying the butchered body of the king of the Jews, while he is being sat upon by the Romanized Christ, Jesus.

    Once this spoof image is understood, the Gospels triumphal entrance typological literary style of basing one character upon another in Josephus War of the Jews becomes visible. Jesus triumphal entrance is linked to War of the Jews 5,13,567-568, a story that –mirroring the Gospels-follows the description of an anointing party. Josephus describes a character he names “Manneus (a pun on Manna?) son of Lazarus who is obviously related to the gospels Lazarus. This character is responsible for hauling the dead bodies of the poor through the gates of Jerusalem and for paying the public stipend for the work. Between the 14th of Nisan (Passover) and the first of Tamuz (75 days) he tells Titus that he has hauled 115,880 bodies for the poor through the Gates, or 1545 per day.

    Thus, when Judas states two days from Passover in Mark 14:5 that the more than 300 denarii could have been given to the poor, the author is making a hidden, comical point. As 300 denarii literally translates as 3000 *****, the money is just enough to cover the cost for the more than three thousand ***** being taken through the gates in the two days prior to Passover in Josephus.

    At the end of this story there is talk of cattle dung and growing mushrooms or manna (or Manneus) on top of it. They starved the Jews to death and they started to eat cattle dung (War of the Jews 5,13,7) . I believe the Romans were using scriptures based on Ezekiel 4:9-16 advising the use of growing mushrooms/Herbs on top of cattle dung. The Romans using black comedy are saying Manna/Manneus should grow on the pile of dead bodies when the siege of Jerusalem Symbolized

    MANNA, MUSHROOM HEADS & The Phallus: At the NT Dinner Table

    By Andre Austin


    The 13 or 14 apostles Paul said that we should be fools for Christ. This would be an overt declaration of Black comedy. If you’re a fool then a joke has been played on you. We already know that the 12 Apostles/disciples of Jesus were symbolic of the 12 signs of the Zodiac and the Egyptian myth battles between 12 hours of light Horus & Set, 12 hours of darkness. Paul was sodomized and castrated and recommended for other followers if they didn’t get married and so did Jesus. Paul symbolized the rape of Dinah became the 13 or 14 apostle. Paul is also symbolic of Paulina who is ravished by Mundus in Antiquities of the Jews 18 by Josephus. This fit well because Paul was without a male member. The Hebrews were confused as to whether there should be twelve tribes or 14. This was due to an Egyptian tradition separate from that of Horus twelve sons, this one involving the body of Osiris. When Set found Osiris corpse, he hacked it into 14 pieces and distributed them around the country. Thirteen of the pieces were recovered, but the fourteenth, the penis, had been swallowed by a fish and was never found. Hebrew priest could no longer tolerate their 12/13 territories to Osiris. Since Osiris could no longer be openly worshiped, the images associated with his body were transferred to Jacob (Israel=Isis/Ra and El) and his family. This required that a thirteenth so be introduced, causing Joseph’s inheritance to be divided between two tribes. In addition to 12 (13?) sons Jacob also had a daughter, Dinah. Dinah was added to Jacob’s family as a symbol of the missing 14 part of Osiris body, the Penis.


    If Jacob wasn’t symbolic of Horus/Osiris then we shouldn’t have a story of him getting into a wrestling match and having it socked to him and a recommendation against penis eating?


    Three Roman emperors attempt to make fools out of the Christians by having them believe in the birth and resurrection of Jesus and having them also eat a memorial meal. They take the Osiris (El-Azar=El-Ausar or Lazarus in Greek Eleazar in Hebrew) story and replace the Nile fish eating Osiris Penis into Jews eating Christ Penis. The trick to understanding the story is knowing the literary technique called typology= basing a character upon another. Christ Jesus is a composite story of many people, places and things. Put all of the pieces/puzzles parts together and you have a complete picture of Jesus. For example Jesus is made up in part of people like:

    1. Mithra (part of Egyptian mysteries assumed different name to be adapted to local conditions).

    2. Osiris (Also known as El-Azar/El-Ausar or Eleazar

    3. Horus

    4. Prometheus (Egyptian god linked with Nile/Noah’s flood)

    5. Vespasian, Titus and Domitian the real Roman Trinity

    6. Pythagoras

    7. All the Jesus in Josephus War of the Jews

    8. Eleazar in War of the Jews & in the NT were the good part of Eleazar is saved to get eaten

    9. Joshua son of nun (Egyptian God called Shu)

    10. Jacob and many many more (Jacob was a title word for Isis)

    Once you put everybody together in their percentage of Jesus you will get a complete composite picture. These stories will always be 1 degree removed to hide the encoded message from the masses. However, a small elite inner circle could decode and knew the occult (hidden) message. No ones going to stop you when your making a fool out of yourself. Some don’t even want you to intervene. What if you had an employee at MC’Donalds putting his sperm in the mayonnaise you would want someone to stop and tell you right? No one stopped the ancient Romans from starving the Jews to death and having them resort to eating dung of Cattle (War of Jews 5,13 7-571). These jokers probably inserted this from Ezek 4:12. Its only funny when a slave maid in the show made a **** pie for her evil white master. Or when the Jewish poet Emilia Bassano wrote Titus Anndronicus which reversed Jews eating a cannibal pie into Titus eating it. I recall watching GoodTimes where the Evans family knew of a old lady eating Dog (God) food served them meatloaf in the Ghetto.

    MITHRA: Those who say they are straight and are not I will make them Homosexual in the Temple of the Queers.

    Mithra in his religion had a Eucharist or “Lord’s Supper”, at which Mithra said, “He who shall not eat of my body nor drink of my blood so that he may be one with me and I with him shall not be saved”. I started to get warm on the trial when I read a report that the Vatican underground library has a bronze sculpture of St. Peter as a chicken with the **** as his beak with inscriptions reading “Savior of the world”.One of the originators of Gnostic Christianity was Basslides a contemporary with Titus who knew the real Peter Simon, son of Gioras denied peace to Titus three times and was taken to Rome castrated and put on the Cross upside down as a cornerstone to mock his capture of being caught under a Rock in Israel. Christ is the Chief Cornerstone being the capstone at the top both together forming the Jewish star. Why would a penis be displayed and underneath it read “Savior of the world”? Then I recalled that Manna (Mushrooms) was symbolic of the Male penis. All of this links up with the book of John who is the only one who brings up the Lazarus story of being raised from the dead and being eaten at Super (Lazarus is made a supper John 12:2-3.Lazurus is eaten and relates to the incident in the War of the Jews from which I will discuss.

    Jesus states: “Iam the bread of life your forefathers ate the manna (Mushrooms) in the desert, yet they died. But here is the bread (Head) that comes down from heaven, which a man may eat and not die. Iam the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever. This bread (head manna/mushroom), is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world” (John 6:48-51). This quote from John links it up with Mithra/Osiris and the inscription of the penis of Peter. This is the big joke from which Paul makes us out to be fools of Christ. Eating that Wafer is just like eating a penis or testicle symbolically. Barbara Walker and others have pointed out that like Judaism and patriarchal Christianity was primarily a phallic cult.


    When Rome was at war with the Jews between 66-73AD they encircled a wall around their city and starved them to death. Josephus turned a child by the name of Eleazar to be a sacrificed Passover lamb. The Romans used this incident of cannibalism of an infant to be in part calamities of the Jews and the creation of Christianity to mock them and overthrow them with a grafted new religion(War of the Jews Book 6, chapter 3 201-219).


    “The morning and evening star is of course Venus”-John Allegro quotes Pliny (23AD-79AD) in his book The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross p.111:

    Before the sun revolves, a very large star named Venus, which varies its course alternatively, and whose alternative names in themselves indicate its rivalry with the sun and moon-when in advance and rising before dawn it receives the name of Lucifer, and being another sun and bringing the dawn, whereas when it shines after sunset it is named Vesper, as prolonging the daylight…Consequently there is great competition to give it a name, some having called it Juno, other Isis…” (Natural History Book 2:38)


    The relationship of **** and phallus is ancient. A bronze bust in the Vatican Museum, bearing the Greek inscription “Redeemer of the World” (Fuchs, Geschichte der Erotischen Kunst [Berlin 1908] fig. 103), is given a ****’s head, the nose or beak being an erect penis.

    “The genitals of defeated were eaten by the victor, to pass the phallic spirit from one god to the next” p.281 The Christ Conspiracy By Acharya S. This is the same theme of The Eucharist to become one in spirit with the body of Christ.

    “In the Pyramid texts we read:

    Osiris lives on morning bread, which comes at its appointed time

    The bread of your father is for you

    Here is morning bread, like manna (Mushrooms) forming on the dew in the morn.

    The coffin texts of the third millennium also discuss the sacred meal, including as the bread of Osiris likewise called the daily bread. The numerous references in Egyptian texts to this spiritual bread are reflected also in the gospel of john, in which Jesus is made to say, “I’am the bread of life (Jn 6:35) and so on. The idea of heavenly bread is abundant in Egyptian mythology.” (Did Moses Exist By D.M Murdock p. 235