OldSoul : Murdering the Black race is not a crime, because Black revolutionaries have not made it so

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    "Although the race murder of Blacks may be sinful, it is not a crime; sins can be forgiven but crime cannot.
    Who was executed for the massacres of Blacks in Kenya during the Mau Mau rebellion?
    Who was condemned for the brutalities against Blacks in Zambia?
    Who was hanged for the murder of Blacks in Zimbabwe?
    Surely, then, no crimes were committed.
    When one or two token, blatant, white murders were executed, Black intellectuals joined those expressing alarm....
    This is perhaps why the Israelis did not hesitate to invade Uganda and strongarm the airport at Entebe.
    This is why Americans and French invade Zaire at will.
    This is why Libya abuses Chad.
    This is why advertisements are freely circulated for white mercenaries to invade Africa and murder Black people for sport.
    This is why the Ku Klux Klan struts about the United States using Black people for target practice.
    Murdering the Black race is not a crime, because Black revolutionaries have not made it so.
    Being Black is still a crime because white people have made it so.
    On the other hand, it is not a crime to be white and it is a crime to murder members of the white race race.
    When a white individual is killed by Blacks anywhere in the world, there is massive retaliation against the Black race, not just a Black individual."

    Jacob H. Carruthers The Irritated Genie
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    Oldsoul...we have a problem here! You don't have a problem and I don't have a problem but We have a problem here and our children know it already. If we won't kill or die for them, they already know that we aren't going to kill and die for any other black person. I hate to say it but it's what it is. If we won't kill or die for our children, our babies...then I don't know if anything else matters. We'll kill for some white guys face on a piece of paper and because we got dissed but not for our own children or future!