Science and Technology : Multi-State Family Networking

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    early on in my sojourn here at destee, i got to thinking about the fact that, while having a forum such as this open to the internet is a good thing, it can not be actually "secure" in terms of privacy. one of my thoughts was to build an application that would enable all members (maybe "premium member only"?) to connect with the forum/each other "privately" via a "virtual private network" (VPN) that would connect each user's computers directly to every other member that was logged on ("peer to peer" - P2P). in this way, we could share any aspect of our puters that we chose to. (initially, nothing shared at all; just a space for communications - anything else would have to be explicitly turned on. such as file/music/picture sharing.) the biggest difference between this idea, and what is available via the internet, is that this would not require a central server somewhere acting as a "middle man" where all communications are actually stored; open to anyone at that central location, as well as to anyone that happened to compromise that central server.

    (maybe i did this backwards? i found the weekly security column while reading one of the comments on this story where they were talking about a P2P VPN product called Hamachi.)