Black People : Muhammed Ali and Interracial Marriage

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    In the Spirit of Sankofa,

    ... His simple logic is deafening, truly, the Champ of All Times.

    Peace In,

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    ''No woman on this whole earth, not even a Black woman in a muslim country can please me and cook for me, socialize and talk to me like my American Black woman''

    The way he defends the American Black woman with so much conviction. When was the last time you heard a Black man defend a Black woman like that? I'm not talking that Black woman is GOD - Genuine conviction. Rare these days. Its a shame the opposite mindset prevailed with our people. High profile figures are too cowardly to even speak their opinions these days.
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    this is one of the reasons why the Lord still has this brother with us...
    regardless of his past faults he was is and will always remain a great man...

    one love
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    In The Shadows
    Thanks for sharing this.
    This is going on my phone to share with others.
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    I love the way Ali verbalizes his points. Valid for the time of the interview but with that being said, the AA black woman of his generation and the AA black woman of today's generation are two very different women.
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    Texas...for now.
    I'm probably asking for a load of abuse, what way, 'Bingiedred'?
    ...and couldn't the same be said for black men?

    Of course, I don't have a dog in this argument because I'm a little 'over' looking to black men (collectively) to support or defend.

    Tell you what I think based on that vague comment.
    Now, people may not like it,
    It's not like I didn't warn you *laugh*:

    I don't have a problem getting a man of another 'group'.
    I'm a woman.*laugh* Please....
    I don't sweat the black male IR issue and don't know of women in my real life who do. The only black women that I see crying and whining about the situation...are those older black women that I see online.
    Truthfully, women my age and below are very...'meh'...about it?
    ...because there's nothing to be done about it. So, it's...'whatever'.
    Black men do whatever they want and whatever they will.
    So, ok ...'whatever'.
    I didn't do anything to anyone but if black men have this crazy hatred towards us?
    What am I supposed to do about that? What can I do?

    Meanwhile - the best among us struggle to find quality mates in an ever-decreasing pool. There are other options,
    You'll find that black women mostly pay lip service to interracial dating. By and large. They're now open, but...they still prefer their own.
    Now, I don't say that there aren't ever-growing cracks in the exterior.
    Oh, there are....*laugh*
    Trust me. When I came back to Texas, a cousin and her friend actually poked fun at me for 'only dating black men'.
    Well - I didn't 'only date black men'. I date black AND 'spanish men.
    I doesn't count since I don't date white men.
    But...yeah. This is how black women are. For now. It's just how black women are or were conditioned.

    Either way, smart black men don't shoot their mouths off about their 'options'. They don't gloat or lord it over our collective little heads. They aren't consumed with their media-created hype.

    Smart black men - and smart, black women with SELF-ESTEEM - understand that, minus the rich males (far and few), women choose...women have the sexual generally take what they can get...and that God (or some other deity) has yet to construct the male with more romantic opitions.
    ...than a female.
    Black women could date out in great numbers, too. I mean, if we just laid up with any that's willing to have us and propped what usually amts to another race's throwaways on a pedestal (as our male counterparts do)? We could do that.
    It's not that hard.
    ...and if or when that shift in black female thinking occurs? You might as well kiss the 'American Black', goodbye.

    I speak about this in such a way, because...I feel like - the choice was always available for both sides. I feel like black men just took it. Someone gave them an 'out' and they took it. Without a thought.
    ...soon as they became aware of the choice and first chance they they went to what they perceive to be 'greener pastures'.
    I don't respect it. It disgusts me.
    ...because they've abandoned. It's not worth my respect, imo.

    Yet, they continue to demand undying loyalty. Go figure! *laugh*
    I've actually had a black man (who'd dated the rainbow) tell that it was wrong for black women to date out, too.
    ...because we have the babies and the race depends on us.
    Don't worry. He was dressed completely down.

    I'm so over it, y'know?

    'Black women are different these days'? *shrug*
    Again - people will probably not like what I have to say because I'm not mindlessly cheerleading behind black men. But... I say what I will.

    For my part, I see no reason to be as my foremothers were.
    'For what'?
    Collectively...look how these males behave towards us? Look how they throw these women in our faces? Look how they shame and mistreat?
    'For... what' and how can I be any other way?

    You have black men on this board who act as if black women are the only ones telling these children 'ugly things' about their male counterparts.
    Let the preaching begin: 'Black women really need to stop telling black boys and girls that ---"
    "Black women - stop telling these boys that they're --"
    It swing both ways. Are you kidding me?
    - I grew up hearing black men tell black women that 'they' are not 'our men'.
    - I grew up hearing black men say they don't date black women because they're 'gold-diggers, bossy, etc...'
    - I grew up hearing white girls tell me what their black boyfriends tell them about black girls and that they dont' date black girls becuase of 'this, that and the other'.
    Now, say what you will but I betcha there aren't too many black men on the rec'ving end of that crap.
    White men getting in their faces to basicaly parrot from the mouths of black women that you, a black male, aren't worth a **** and the reasons as to why, I mean.
    How would you feel if you were on the rec'ving end of that, black men?
    This was a young black male as we were all less than 20 and where in heck do you think that this attitude came from. Black...women?
    - Two weeks ago, I was in my scrubs visiting a loved one in a nursing home. I see a black dude in a wheelchair. I wave. He says something while staring me down. Doesn't look friendly,
    So, I come within earshot to hear, " women. I can't f with none of those mf/s!"
    ...and he was saying this to two NONBLACKS.
    Are. You. Kidding. Me? It was one of the few times where I was struck speechless.

    I am so done. I'm over it and I'm so 'over' being told that I shouldn't feel this way. That I need to tow the line, regardless. That I need to back black men up, regardless.
    *bleep* that.
    'We need you black women..."
    >>Mimi flips a well-manicured finger to the heavens<<
    No, seriously.
    What in the hell do I look like?
    I have a valid reason to feel as I do and I've seen that some women on here have had similar experiences. So, I know that it's not just me and I know that I'm not crazy.

    No, this isn't a call for anyone to do anything.
    I don't hate anyone. Not against anyone. This is just one women expressing a feeling. I say what is true...from me.

    I see a steady assault on black female womanhood...not from whites.
    From my very own...and it does bother me on some levels. I dont' expect a thing from whites. They're not my people.
    If they thnk certain way about black people. Well, of course, they will.
    They're not 'of' us. people? A higher standard is required.
    That's why it cuts. It hurts. These are my people shaming and mistreating me.

    Everyone wants to talk about what black men have to deal with."Oh, we black men have it sooooo hard..."
    My name's Mimi.
    ...and I'm a Double-Minority.
    I'm at war with the world and everyone in it. There's no safe place for me...not even among my own. I fend off attacks in all directions. Black men? *shrug* Collectively...can't be counted on for much of anything. More often than not, I spend more time defending myself and other black women against them than anything else. So, I seek solace wherever I can find it...and with the only beings on the planet who (collectively) will eternally back me up: Other black women.

    ...but there's no time to cry about it. I'm not. It is...what it is.

    Regardless, I see a situation where black women will not fare well no matter what they - we - collectively do ....because we bare the weight alone.
    Actions speak for themselves. Black men (collectively) are on this 'every man for himself' jazz.
    We are in this alone.

    What I'm - we - am being asked to do and how black women are asked to sacrifice?
    It's too much. So much is demanded and so little is given.
    But...hey - y'know what I say: The easiest way to contend with a heavy yoke... is to set it down.

    What I say? If some take issue, I understand...and I don't apologize. I own my thoughts.
    I don't see why any would. I mean, black men come on here and talk all 'out the sides of their necks' about black women. Anytime a discussion about black women occurs -- here they come. Catch them in another thread and they're so down for 'blackness'. They're so conscious.
    What a joke...

    It's mean and ugly. But that is the way of things.
    So, I feel at liberty to be honest as well.
    I talk about...what I see. I have no answers.
    I simply know when my personal boundaries as a woman of this race have been breached.
    (they have)
    ...and some things are not within me to do. I'm a woman of pride and self-respect. I don't take ugliness and abuse lying down. I don't care if the opponent is black.
    I'll show them the same middle finger that I'd flip to any other aggressor.
    The black women who still do, in my humble opinion, are fools to put up with this and what's constantly being dished out. To excuse it away as they do. To dismiss black women like myself for speaking on what they know to be the truth.

    Don't think that I haven't been paying attention, 'mothers'.
    "Oh, black black king..."
    Talk about misplaced affections...are you broads sighted? It's a dying dream. Nothing's going to come together until black men decide to come 'home'.
    They don't and won't...because it's ' for... himself.'

    These doormats practically stand in line to eat a mile of the black man's pooh...and they're so busy worshipping at their feet that they give no thought to how they're daughters are mistreated or how holding the weight on our own hurts us as women in the end.
    No. I refuse.
    If this 'community' weren't inherently backwards, it would understand the folly in expecting it's women to sacrifice more than it's men.

    ...but, according to these women, we should all burn ourselves out to preserve this demented sense of 'race loyalty'.
    Just keep working and trying. Just keep crying and pleading.
    "Love man. Love me! Why don't you love me? Why do you date others...? Why do you reject me? I don't understand"
    Now 'fetch'. That's a 'good girl'.
    Just give and give and give some more, black women.
    Sorry, I can't. The well has run dry.
    ...and for the most part? I don't want to. I see no reason.

    You don't back me? I don't back you.
    That's pretty much how I roll. *laugh*
    It's foolish, to me, to put myself in a situation that will not benefit me. To continuously support and back those who do not have my interests at heart and would not do the same for me.
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    Of course it could...

    Well now that you've grinded your little axe, do you feel better now? Good, I'm happy for you then...
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    The rotten Apple
    LOL - for someone who doesn't sweat the IR issue:

    - You sure went in on it. :wink:
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    In respects to the Noble Grand Champ Muhammad Ali... I Will add onto the Cipher building on His foundation which is Islam...

    Qur'an 49:13 Surah Al-Hujurat (The Inner Apartments)
    O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female and made you into nations and tribes that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of Allah is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And Allah has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things).

    Qur'an 4:1 Surah An-Nisaa (The Women)
    O mankind! reverence your Guardian-Lord Who created you from a single person created of like nature his mate and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women; reverence Allah through Whom ye demand your mutual (rights) and (reverence) the wombs (that bore you): for Allah ever watches over you.

    Regardless of WHAT you believe as an Individual.. Truth is always the Truth and the only thing that changes about it is the way in which it is Clothed ( Culture ) and how it Presents itself...

    It is only Righteous that you Love Thy Self and Love How the Creator has Molded you.. It was pre-ordained that different Tribes and Nations would "KNOW" each other but now that we "KNOW" each other.. We see our DIFFERENCES ( Every race has its own Culture, Morals, Ethics AND WAY OF EXISTENCE ) and now we "DESPISE" each other because we have lost our own KNOWLEDGE, IDENTITY, and CULTURE... ( WHICH IS PEACE )

    The most Honored amongst us are those that uphold the law of RIGHTEOUSNESS.. This law of Righteousness is meant to uphold our state of God Consciousness / ONEness with our TRUE SELF which is being one with the Creator... ( THE HIGHEST POINT OF BEING )

    Each race was Created from a SINGLE PAIR of parents... And is it not righteous to LOVE THE WOMB THAT BORE US???? (REVERENCE)

    Wickedness is to Accept the Ways and Culture of our Open Enemy who has done nothing but TRICK US into accepting THAT WHICH IS NOT OF OUR OWN... Now that WE KNOW... it is time to be RIGHTEOUS and LOVE THE WOMB THAT BORE US!!! (REVERENCE)

    This has nothing to do with Hate accept for the fact that we started Hating each other ( Black and White and everybody else ) once we began to KNOW EACH OTHER and accept that which is NOT OF OUR OWN.... ( We threw off our Balance, We threw off our PEACE )

    Our Brothers and Sisters are NOT IN THEIR OWN SUPREME AND DIVINE Culture therefore we are not IN THE GRACE, GLORY AND MAJESTY in which we were MOLDED...

    RACISM is BS ( AND SHOULD BE EXTINGUISHED AT ONCE ) but Hating the Wombs that Bore us and the Mold in which we were Created is Wicked and will only lead us into HELL which we create in Our Minds and therefore Project into our Culture and then Radiates all around us.. Once we Balance our situation and accept OUR OWN LAW OF RIGHTEOUSNESS we will begin to Create our Own HEAVEN here on earth...

    Black Man, Woman and Child ( The Supreme TRI-angle ) will never BE COMPLETE ( 360 Degrees )

    Love is the Highest Elevation of Understanding and the only Emotion that can over come, Balance Out and Create PEACE!! out of any Obstacle or Situation in which it is presented...

    Peace.. Peace..