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    Al hamdulilahi Rabbil Alamin was salatu was salamu ala Khairul Ibad Sayidanna Muhammad ama ba'd

    In the late sixth century ad, in the Arabian Peninsula there resided a man by the name of Muhammad ibn Abdullah ibn Abdul Mutalib. Muhammad was a member of the noble family known as Bani Hashim. The Bani Hashim were members of the original, Qahtani, or Nubian Arabs which once inhabited all of the Arabian peninsula before the invasion of the Indo-Aryans, that is the Persians, Assyrians, etc. This family, that of Bani Hashim, were in charge of or responsible for the Noble Sanctuary, Al Haram Al Shareef, which was located in the ancient city of Mecca and is known by the name of Al Ka'bah. This house, Al Ka'bah, according to legend was built by the ancestor of the Original Arabs Ismail and his father Ibrahim, and was meant as a shrine and place of pilgrimage for those who worshipped their god, Allah.
    By the time Muhammad came on the scene, the grafted people had begun to overtake Arabia and, as they did and do everywhere else they go, began to appropriate the culture of the Original Arabs as their own, and even claimed themselves to be the descendants of Ibrahim and Ismail. This appropriation had led to a decline in the quality and purity of the original faith of the Pure Arabs, a faith known as Din al Hanif. Adding idle worship (idle not idol used purposely ;) ), and various false doctrines and customs to the faith had led to its bastardization, and caused those Pure Arabs, which clung to the pure faith to abandon the House of God, Al Ka'bah, out of disgust for the rites, rituals, and debauchery that were performed therein. It is in this environment that one of these True Descendants of Ibrahim, who had an earnest desire to see the restoration, not only of his ancestral faith but also of his people, began to earnestly seek guidance and assistance from Ar Rahman.
    Retiring from the urban center of Mecca this man, named Muhammad, went on retreats to a cave known as the Cave of Hira. Here he, along with other pure devotees of the faith of Ibrahim, would spend time in fasting, meditation and prayer seeking a visitation from their Lord. One day while on such a retreat, the young man heard a voice call out to him saying "Iqra!" "Read/Recite". In response to this he stated "Ma ana bil qarieen" "I am not from the Reciters". The voice again calls out to him "Iqra Bismirubbuk aladhi khalaqa", read/ recite in the name of your Lord who Creates. This was the beginning of the revelation of the book we know as Al Quran, or The Recitation.
    According to Al Quran, The Recitation, it itself is not an independent text but a scripture, or small selection from a greater work known as Al Lahw al Mahfuz, or The Preserved Tablet. This Tablet, which we shall hereafter call Al Lahw, is said to be in the Heavens, where the Angel of Inspiration, Jibril, has charge over it and sends down certain parts as Ar Rahman wills. Muhammad, due to his sincerity, purity and descendency, was selected to be a recipient of a portion of Al Lahw. This portion wasn't simply bestowed upon him, he was prepared for it, his chest was expanded and heart cleansed, he was carried through the seven heavens, passing gateways and gatekeepers at every stop, until he came to the farthest lote tree, the edge of existence and there was brought into the divine presence, then he was deputed on his mission as Rahmatil Alamin-A Mercy to All the Worlds.
    Muhammad, as a name means the praiseworthy one, and more than a person Muhammad is also a state that the initiate in At Tariqah seeks to achieve.
    Muhammad is the Standard which the Initiate is supposed to reach and become, which then allows him to be Muhammad and fulfill the mission of Muhammad. This is the purpose of Al Qu'ran. Allah is al Hamid, the praised, and Muhammad is the praiseworthy one, a human reflection of the lordship of his Lord, the Second Adam with his Khilafah restored.
    2:143] Thus We have made you [true Muslims - real believers of Islamic Monotheism, true followers of Prophet Muhammad SAW and his Sunnah (legal ways)], a Wasat (just) (and the best) nation, that you be witnesses over mankind and the Messenger (Muhammad SAW) be a witness over you.
    There is significane in al Miraj, the Night Journey, the number of heavens passed , the Keeper at each heaven, The Farthest Lote Tree, but these things are only for the initiated, those who breast has been expanded and heart hasbeen cleaned.
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    It would be ery interesting to see your references. You have given a very intersting narrative. But, it's value can onl be ascertained by Islamic scholars who have been thoroughly trained to employ the proper methodology. Even then, various scholars will have diverse perspectives. No two eye witnesses can repert exactly the same thing.

    In any case, I call your attention to our discussion at Here, we have begun a discussion of Surah al-Alaq in which we see first hand what occured on the occasion of the First Revelation at the cave, the "Cave of Hira", you have called it. And, we will not only rely upon the opinions of the scholars, but, we will deal directly with the primary soures, namely Quran. We plan to discuss all of the issues involved and I welcome you to join us there. Your perspectu=ive may be unique and different. But, this is to be expected and respected. We need the input of all to help bring Progress and Unity to ul-Ummah and to the African Nation.