Black People : Mugabe:AFrican Leaders are cowards.

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    (what he says about how some of the leaders do not stand up for their own is so true )

    Zimbabwe's Mugabe brands African leaders "cowards

    President Robert Mugabe on Sunday branded African leaders cowards for not standing up to Western powers over Zimbabwe, and said outsiders must not interfere as there was no crisis requiring intervention.

    Critics accuse Mugabe, who turns 82 on Tuesday, of plunging the southern African state which he has ruled since independence from Britain in 1980 into a severe political and economic crisis in the last six years with a raft of controversial policies.

    In a 90-minute interview with Zimbabwe state television to mark his birthday, Mugabe portrayed himself as a brave and principled African nationalist and his opponents as either imperialists or political stooges.

    Mugabe said his government would print money to help it ride over its economic problems -- including food, fuel and foreign currency shortages and the world's highest inflation rate, which he blames on Western sanctions and intermittent droughts.

    Mugabe, who last week suggested he was ready to repair strained relations with Britain which he regularly accuses of seeking to recolonise Zimbabwe, again said his country's major problems were largely caused by London.

    "Our erstwhile former colonisers still wants to govern us by remote control," he said repeating charges denied by Britain that it is sponsoring Zimbabwe's main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

    Asked whether he felt lonely in his fight against Western critics and whether countries and organisations which have tried to intervene in Zimbabwe's crisis were justified, Mugabe said:

    "I don't feel lonely. There are others who think as I do, whose ideals I share. But what one notices is lack of courage... a kind of surrender to European authority, I suppose it's because of poverty."

    Mugabe said although African states had declared Zimbabwe's disputed elections in the last five years legitimate, they had generally shied away from taking on Western powers, including Britain and the United States who maintain the polls were rigged.

    "None of them will stand up and say to them 'go to hell'.

    "We shrink in asserting our rights. We need much more courage in the African Union," he said.

    The veteran African leader said Zimbabwe had a democratic system but his Western opponents wanted a "puppet" opposition MDC in power.

    In what appeared like an direct message to African countries, including South Africa, which has been quietly trying to broker a political settlement between the MDC and his ZANU-PF party, Mugabe said there was no room for any foreign intervention in Zimbabwe's affairs.

    "As for outsiders they should keep away," he said.

    "We have entertained them because we did not want to offend, some of them are our friends but really there have nothing to intervene here about, nothing at all. We have a democratic environment, a democratic constitution," Mugabe said, raising the tempo of his voice.

    Mugabe said Zimbabwe's economic crisis required unorthodox solutions, including printing money despite galloping inflation, which the International Monetary Fund says at 613 percent is the highest in the world.

    "Those who say printing money will cause inflation are suggesting that you just fold your hands and say 'aah, let the situation continue and let the people starve.'

    "The Good Lord up there has given you a brain and the brain must function, not in a stereotyped manner but in a flexible manner ... so I will print money today so that people can survive," he added.

    Cris Chinaka, Reuters via Swissinfo
    February 20, 2006

    Monday , 20 February 2006

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    That is true. I second you.