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Sep 27, 2005
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The Metu Neter (ie. using vowels) is not a book. It is a system of writing used by the advanced civilization known as Ancient Sais, Ta-Mara-Meri, Ancient Egypt aka KmT

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Sep 27, 2005
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KmT/Egyptian Writing - Timetable
  1. 3200 BC -Hieroglyphics were develped and used on stones, it is considered the world's oldest known Alphabet
  2. 3000 BC -Papyrus was invented , it's the world's earliest paper
  3. During the course of history, Egyptians developed another 2 writing scripts, Hieratic and Demotic
  4. 650 BC -Demotic became administrative and legal script during the Late Period
  5. Knowledge of Egyptian scripts was lost after it had been superseded in the 4th century A.D. with Coptic.
  6. No key to their meaning was found until the discovery of the Stone of Rosetta. in the 18th century.
  7. 1800 AD, - Writing Scripts were decrypted by Champollion, who studied the Rosetta Stone for 14 years
Comparison Between Egyptian Hieroglyphics and Roman Alphabet

Egyptian Hieroglyphics

Roman Alphabet

Hieratic Script
Developed along side the hieroglyphic system (3100-650 BC)

  • Hieratic script emerged from the Pre-Dynastic Period artistic tradition during the Pre-Dynastic Period, developing along side the more formal hieroglyphic script
  • This script was more suited than hieroglyphs for use on papyrus, allowing scribes to write quickly in ink with a reed brush
  • There are also hieratic texts written on cloth, especially on linen used in mummification
  • Through most of its long history, hieratic was used for writing administrative documents and religious texts.
  • Hieratic script always reads from right to left
  • Initially hieratic was written in either columns or horizontal lines, but after the 12th Dynasty during the Middle Kingdom, horizontal writing became the standard
  • For most of the letters in the English alphabet, there is a corresponding heretic script symbol, however there are some exceptions.
  • Hieratic influenced Demotic script, its direct descendant
Demotic Script
Derived from Hieratic (650 BC-452 AD)

  • Many of the characters lost their picture form altogether and became mere symbols
  • Written from right to left in horizontal lines
  • Early Demotic (650-332 BC) - in the 27th Dynasty, Demotic replaced Hieratic and became the official administrative script. Demotic was used only for legal and commercial texts, while hieroglyphs were reserved for religious and monumental texts.
  • Middle Demotic (332-30 BC) - This stage of writing was used during the Ptolemaic Period. By the end of the third century BC, Greek became the administrative language of the country, and Demotic lost importance.
  • Late (Roman) Demotic (30 BC-452 A.D) - From the beginning of Roman rule Demotic was progressively replaced by the Greek-derived Coptic alphabet, the quantity of Demotic texts decreased rapidly and was used only in a few ostraca, mummy labels, and graffiti. The last dated example of the Demotic script is dated to 11 December 452 AD, and consists of a graffito on the walls of the temple of Isis on Philae
  • It was deciphered before the hieroglyphic script by Thomas Young, who also attempted to deciphered the hieroglyphic script, though without much success.
  • Demotic is the second script inscribed on the Rosetta Stone



The Age of Aquarius
Sep 27, 2005
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Not long ago Eye have a discussion with this conscious brother who argued about what was written in the Mtr Ntr. Frankly, Eye had to chuckle at him, because he was under the misconception that this was a published work, LOL


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Jan 14, 2005
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QUOTE="Fine1952, post: 1030470, member: 9310"]
I. Dr. Ashra Kwesi is one of the leading authorities on the subject of the Metu Neter (Mtu Ntr). This is an audio-visual discussion of the Mtu Ntr by Dr. Kwesi

II. Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby is another leading authority on the subject of the Metu Neter (Mtu Ntr). - This is a written version presented by Dr. Ashby of the Mtu Ntr

View attachment 19286

Fine 1952, PEOPLE, would YOU or anyone else with more rational processing power re factual information than an amoeba or brick continually walk up to another man and enquire “Excuse me sir, do you THINK that I’m a MAN?”; in that as soon as you make that inquiry haven’t you already answered the question/established your infant or overly naive child status?

Isn’t that EXACTLY what we’re doing by continually sending our best/brightest youth into the current status quo’s schools, colleges and universities [be they European, Asian or Semitic] generally [as opposed to creating and widely utilizing our own], elite universities specifically in that isn’t it transparent/obvious that our people will be psychologically profiled to weed out the more assertive/forceful [why so many end up excluded] while the more easily manipulated and subservient/ predictable would receive the highest honours/qualifications [don’t really mean anything, do they, apart from in the technical subjects and sciences]?

How rational is it to expect the African collective generally, our so consistently baffled totally lost and confused mis-leadership specifically to move forward intelligently in the 21st century with their knowledge base STILL totally dominated by over 300 years of African chattel Slavery/the ongoing African HOLOCAUST/ NEGATIVITY/ traumatizing defeat, and the European Colonialism it subsequently morphed into as opposed to our TRUE history as so very spectacularly highlighted by Khufu being the name of the Pharaoh who constructed the great pyramid at Giza as his vehicle into the afterlife, and epitomized by the 17 Olmec Heads [dated 400 – 1400 BCE] unearthed in Mexico to date?

How can we ever hope to stop the ongoing African HOLOCAUST of over 500 years duration continuing to be WHAT IS in the 21st century while allowing our people generally, youth/FUTURE’s minds specifically to continue to have their knowledge base re every area of human activity polluted with dated Euro-centric GARBAGE, LIES [with regard to African peoples only ever being primitive/sub-human beasts as opposed to the CREATORS of the concept of technical culture] still being pumped out by the current status quo’s schools, colleges, universities and mass media’s ongoing marginalization of our African ancestor's contributions to civilization/technical culture over the last 5000 years?

Isn’t ANYONE who genuinely believes they are not programmed
graphically illustrating that their programming is COMPLETE?

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