Black Poetry : MR., WHY NO CHILDREN

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    “Mr., why no children” is a question that I’m often asked
    And sometimes I take the time to think about it, and put my mid to task
    And really ponder on my situation in my mental space, time and distance
    To consider why I’m childless during this time of my existence
    I deal with children every day and have been doing so since I’ve been grown
    But the gist of the question being asked is if I have any children of my own
    And if not, why not … and why have I let time get away
    And if not now, when … and would I want children one day
    Though one second bleeds into the next and time marches on
    I not in the twilight of my years, though I am past the dawn
    I’m more into the midday if you will, just right after noon
    In sync with the rhythm of life and on key like a piano, in tune
    Time and opportunity just haven’t intersected for this reality to come to bare
    For me to be blessed with such a gift of God and such a product of prayer
    To be responsible for something as priceless as a life on me would surely grow
    For right now fatherhood is a notion, and its joys are for others to know

    “Mr., why no children” somehow becomes a topic of conversation
    A question posed by the curious, seeking answers to this complicit interrogation
    As I’m looked at as something of an enigma, misread and misunderstood
    Interrogative murmurings questioning as to why I haven’t experienced fatherhood
    It’s the picking of my brain to see where exactly I stand on the issue of having a child
    Do I think it’s a noble undertaking or are kids just too wild
    Do I see little ones as in the song ‘Silent Night’ … tender and mild
    Or do I see them as opportunist, befriending people, leaving them to be beguiled
    They seem surprised to know that I relate to children very well
    That as my practice and my vocation, I read children so their moods, I can tell
    What state of mind they’re in … in what directions do they see
    Whether or not to engage them in conversation … or to just let them be
    I do see children as a gift from God, works in progress that try and test
    A precious gift of which I haven’t – at this time – been joyfully blessed
    Whether it’s now or never … God knows the time and the hour
    Whether or not I’ll be blessed with such a gift … it’s in Gods hand and power

    “Mr., why no children” are amongst the questions that are varied
    And the question after “why no children” is “why aren’t you married”
    Some question whether or not my ‘game’ is on call
    While others question whether or not I like women at all
    I’m selective – albeit discriminating – regarding the women with whom I consort
    I watch out for women with iffy reputations and are of a questionable report
    Those who tend to always be on the wrong side of legislature
    And particularly those women who aren’t virtuous, but vicious by nature
    And the women worth having have eternal salvation as part of their plan
    But they’re so in love with Jesus they’re not thinking about a man
    At least that’s what they say when the topics of relationships come about
    And the topic of marriage is almost laughable … so with such I can do without
    With people out for themselves, all people want to do is to flirt
    And for those who aren’t a part of that crowd are so afraid of being hurt
    That they’re not willing to give love a chance because to pain they’ve been prone
    So instead of making it work with a man such as myself … they’d rather be alone

    “Mr., why no children” is a question that is not asked in defeat
    But it’s asked in a manner to suggest that as a man, I’m not complete
    As if I am an unfinished puzzle with a piece missing from the box
    Or that I’m the right set of keys … for the wrong set of locks
    For some reason I’m out of place and my manhood hit the skids
    I’m the exception to the rule because I’m a man with no kids
    There is no extension of my present self, my outlook is all for naught
    There is no future beyond my present existence … at least that’s the going thought
    Those who ask such questions either attempt to get into my mind
    Or try to understand what it is to be a man of my kind
    Or perhaps they’re just simply curious and don’t want to ignore me
    Maybe those asking, ask with a tone of sympathy and somehow feel sorry for me
    Whatever the case or whatever the reasons, the conceptions I dispel
    My answer, “It’ll happen in it’s own time” and as always “Time will tell”
    And for those who want a better answer to this self titled rhyme
    I look them squarely in the face and simply say “now is not the time”

    Written by: Charles (a.k.a. K-JiO)
    © 2008
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    First off, the pace, the rhythm of this piece is very smooth and comforting. I applaud you. You want to meet a lady who is right for you, and have that relationship firmly in place before you have any children, and I commend you for that. Refreshing flow.
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    thrivin' spiritually/physically/emotionally/financ
    where failure is not an option
    everything has

    it's time

    people put you on the spot

    on how they think you need to live

    i hear you poet
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    Somewhere between paradise and diaster
    I love this eloquent reply to such an annoyinng none-of-their-business question. As always no matter what you subject matter the flow and cadence of your work is always splendid and impressive. Excellent write mister

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    It is so good to read you again. I feel you on this. I do have a son but he's all grown up now. I get the how come you only have 1 child, dont you want more children, and the how come you're not married. lol
    Your flo is always on point as well as your message. Tell them nosey people to go kick

    Much Luv
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    There is a time and place in life to bring forth life when that time comes u will know