Black Spirituality Religion : Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 26-31

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    Mr (Pyramid) Texts Study

    Mr (Pyramid) Text Study Utterances 26-31
    From "The Pyramid Texts" Translation by Samuel A. B. Mercer

    Utterances 26-28.


    Horus who art in Osiris N., take to thyself the eye of Horus for thou art as the eye of Horus which (lit. who) has extended with its odour.


    To say: Osiris N., take the eye of Horus, equip thyself with its odour.


    Osiris N., Horus has given to thee his eye that thou mayest equip thy face with it. One pellet of incense (1644a).

    Utterance 29.

    To say: O N., I have come, I have brought to thee the eye of Horus, that thou mayest equip thy face with it, that it may purify thee, that its odour may (come) to thee.

    The odour of the eye of Horus is for N.; it drives away thy sweat. It defends thee against the violence (?) of the arm of Set.

    O N., the eye of Horus, is pleasing to thee; it is sound for thee. The eye of Horus is sound; thou art sound. Three pellets of incense (1644b).

    Utterance 30.

    To say: Horus, dweller in Osiris N., equip thee with the eye of Horus; take it to thee.

    Utterance 31.

    To say: Osiris N., Horus has completely filled thee with his eye.

    From "The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts" translated by R.O Faulkner

    Utterance 26

    Oh Horus who is Osiris the King, take the Eye of Horus to yourself, even the Eye of Horus which he has diffused abroad by means of its perfume.

    Utterance 27

    O Osiris the King, take the Eye of Horus and provide yourself with it's perfume.

    Utterance 28

    O Osiris the King, Horus has given you his Eye; provide your face with it.

    Utterance 29

    O King, I have come and I bring to you the Eye of Horus. May you provide your face with it, that it may cleanse you, its perfume being on you. The perfume of the Eye of Horus is on this King, it removes your efflux and protects you from the sweat of the hand of Seth. O siris the King, may the intact Eye of Horus belong to you, the Eye of horus being intact, intact!

    Utterance 30

    O Horus who is Osiris the King, you are provided with the Eye or HOrus; take it.

    Utterance 31

    O Osiris the King, Horus has filled you with his complete Eye.

    my comments

    Here Father and Son are explicitly identified as one and the same, as Wsr (Ausar or Osiris) is shown as being identified with the Son, Hrw (Horus or Heru). Again, the Wdjt (Udjat) or Eye of Hrw, is again utilized here. Possession of the Eye represents one possessing the Knowledge of Self. The diffusion of the Eye by "means of it's perfume" represents several processes

    1) hormones secreted by the endocrine system to facilitate growth, development, and awareness in the physical body to aid the mind's goals and objectives.

    2) Wisdom manifested from the mental influence in society through literature, the arts, stone masonry and carpentry, community service, education and other manifestations of the learned community of this ancient University oriented society.

    When Hrw is shown giving his Eye to Wsr, it shows the relationship of Progenitors and Offspring, the Offspring who are Hrw being the vanguard for the Progenitors and Elders or Wsr, to insure security for the family and nation.

    The dialogue regarding the use of the perfume of the Eye preventing perspiration, caused by hardship from dealing with St, represents obtaining a holistic and balanced method of living and avoiding regressing to living a beast way of life, St being the patron of beasts and animals. Thus the prevention of elimination of living a beast way of life is based on acquisition and retention of the Eye of Hrw or the Complete Knowledge of Self, otherwise known as the Complete Eye. The Eye was known to be divided into fragments which are a series powers of the fraction 1/2, the sums of which approximate the total 1.


    1/2 + 1/4 + 1/8 + 1/16 + 1/32 + 1/64 = 63/64 which is approximately 1.
    For simplicity and casual use, the serious was terminated at 1/64, and also represented the knowledge of the casual relationship of the number 1 to the sum of the parts of 64 who when summing the digits is 6 + 4 = 10 and then 1 + 0 = 0. Thus Knowledge of Self deals with bring fragments of observation and stimulus together to synthesize a coherent vision.