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    Dave Chappelle is the New Bert Williams… by
    R2C2H2 Tha Artivist

    Dave Chappelle, one of the hottest comedians and entertainers around, dead or alive, in spite or because of his questionable (to some) career choices...He is the closest thing we got to the original Mr. Nobody himself Mr. Bert Williams…Sounds absurd??? If it does to you that means you are not really thinking about the comparison… Bert and Dave were among the most famous American entertainers, Black or White, during their careers and timeBoth men were and are very knowledgeable about the history of Black folks in the African Diaspora …For example, Bert Williams had a personal library of about 800 to over a 1,000 books pertaining to Black World History while Dave's mom was the first person to create a Ph.d program for African American Studies in the United States and was an assistant for the legendary African Congo Prime Minister Patrice LaMumba

    Both were paid very handsomely for their talents...Dave signed a lucrative 50 million dollar contract for extension of the Chappelle Show and Bert Williams was one of the highest paid entertainers in the country at one point getting paid more than the President of the U.S.… Both men were pioneers in the comedic/entertainment field…Bert Williams was one of the first recording stars (Black or White) in the then newly formed music recording industry and the first Black entertainer to appear in the legendary Ziegfield Follies and was hired in 1916 by the Biograph Company to write, direct, and star in "Natural Born-Gambler" based on a character he created in vaudeville, and a film called "Fish", also for Biograph..This made Bert Williams one of the first black film directors in history!!! In August of 1920 Bert Williams became the first African American member in the Actors Equity Union...Dave Chappelle was the first Black person to have had a self-titled and episodic t.v. comedy show, Chappelle's Show, on the pre-dominantly white Comedy Central cable channel and currently has the record for the biggest selling t.v. series DVD (Chappelle's Show: The First Season) of all time… Both men were gifted comedic writers who wrote their own material which gave their shows such an innovative and original quality...As a matter of fact Bert Williams was so good at this that many of his fellow white entertainers although they respected his gifts became intimidated and insecure around him, so much so that they openly and publicly complained that his material was better than theirs!!!…Because of the universality of their writing and exceptional performing abilities Williams and Chappelle were able to gain a wider and Whiter audience for their gifts, reaching people that many of their peers could not a.k.a. mass or mainstream appeal… Africa both played a significant role/theme in both men's lives…Bert Williams did plays and comedic musicals about the motherland "In Dahomey") while Chappelle basically ran away to the continent to South Africa…Both embraced the controversial words coon and ***** as terms of endearment…Bert Williams and his comedy/business partner George Walker both used the term "The Two Real Coons" to promote their act while Dave is (in)famous for using the word ***** to address people of all colors in his t.v. show and throughout his stand up routine… Both turned down college to pursue their comedy/entertainment career ...Allegedly Bert was planning to go to Stanford University to be a civil engineer and Chappelle shocked his family (both of his parents were college professors) by his decison not to go… Both went to "school" to learn their craft…Dave Chappelle went to the Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts in Washington D.C. as well as spent time doing stand up in D.C. area clubs while Bert Williams spent time performing Shakespeare in a travelling troupe throughout California and hit the road doing various vaudeville shows throughout the U.S….


    Williams in character


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