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Jan 3, 2002

By Chief Elder Osiris:

First of all allow me to say that when you are the educated product of a system that is systematically Racist, Unjustifiable Prejudice, and undoubtedly practice discrimination against a specific segment of members of a society, based on Race, and that Race of people had no say so about being in that society, then it become difficult if not down right impossible for the educated victims of Racism o be qualified and impartial, toward the system that allowed them to be educated, preventing them to be able to Divinely See the cause and effect with prejudice, of a racist system that has an affect on the victims of systemic Racism and it is our children, along with all Black Folks, that is infected with the Virus of Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and Acton of discrimination against our Children, and I Specify our children, because it seem as if they are the focus of Mr Cosby and Dr, Puissant, in going around misinterpreting and misanalizing the attitude and behavior in their attempt to determine the reason and cause as to why our children act and behave as they do.

It is the racist Media that is parading Mr. Cosby and Dr.Puissant around so that they can spread such a flawed analyzing and false interpretation of the reason why it is that our children is in the Condition they are in today, which is no different from the position and condition that their parents are in and the same condition that our grandparents were in and on back to our Enslaved Ancestors, because it is the same systemic Racism that affect all Black folks in america.

So when we educated Black folks attempt to analyze the reason why our children and Black People in general, behave as we do, the same Virus hat is woven in the System of america society has caused the disease that Black Children is suffering from today, it being Racism and you tell me we can not blame such for the affect it has on Black People ?.

The Behavior of our children is no different from the behavior of all black Folks, be you educated or not, because we do not function under the guidance of our original mind, but has become a victim of the Human Being Mind, a Mind that created the institutions that americans depend upon and the Mind that is the archetech of those institutions, are in fact Racist.

So we have Black Products of Racism in the persons of Mr. Cosby and Dr. Puissant out gallivanting around flaunting their influence upon our children as if they are the only qualified Black People that has a position as to why our children are behaving as they are, with the same applying to Black People n General.

It does not take a genius to be able to rattle off Statistics that verify the success of Racism against our Children and Black People, just as it does not take a genius to rattle off statistics that we label as success within a system of Racism and to give off an impression that Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and calculated discriminating can be defeated within a society environment where the Virus of Racism is a systemic one, such only reveal the evil that now walk among us black Folks claiming to be acting in our Children best interest, if such is not the old behavior of what is referred to as an Uncle Tom and an Aunt Jamima, then I do not know what is.

Black People, wrapped in the Mind of our oppressors are not capable of being totally objective when attempting to know the reason why our children are acting and behaving as they do, granted it is not an acceptable behavior, but is a behavior created by a system that is inherit Racist toward Black People and yes, the entire america corporate institution and business alike, are systemically Racist, so it seem to be the Environment we have had thrust upon us that is causing the attitude and behavior we now observe coming from our Children and why is our Children so different from the way we were, today, well they are more rebellious against the systemic of Racism in a more defiant way than we were.

Our children desire Freedom and Independence and there are no one of media accepted influence that will tell them the Truth about what we must do to Free their Spirit ( Attitude, Behavior ) so when we their parents, were in a protesting mood, our defiance was so that we could gain access into the White People public accommodations, against segregation, and in favor of integration with our eyes on practicing Racial assimilation, why, because that is the way those so call Black Leaders had been directed to lead us to believe that such a conquest would in fact lead us to be free, when Freedom was never the agenda of the Black Social Civil Right Revolution, just accommodating along the side of White Folks in america and you wonder why our children are behaving as thy do today, it is because we have not serve as an adequate role model to our children, just an old fashion uncle Tom and Aunt Jamima, parading as being the educated one, among us Black People.

I challenge Mr. Cosby and Dr. Puissant to a round tale discussion about the Trouble our Children are facing and the present condition of Black people in general, they are also up against the samr Racism in this america environment and I do not consider myself to be a well educated Man, a Well learned Man I am, because our First way Ancestors and Experience has been my teacher without a flaw.

america is systemic in its Racism toward Black People and there is no greater evidence that magnify amerca Racism toward Black People in america by way of the Middle Passage than the position america take toward Reparation and the Black People that take the same america position toward Reparation, are in fact tools, agents of Racism, and you tell me these are the Black People we are to listen to and follow ?

When dealing with Black people of influence, when their Mind is flawed, caught in the cob web of america Racism, Unjustified Prejudice, and systematic discrimination toward Black People, and it is and no greater litmus test o verify the deeply inbreed Racism in america Society, than the position that they take against Reparation, a most certainly blatant act of Racism toward our Enslaved Ancestors and their children.

Proof and point, ask Mr Cosby and Dr. Puissant and all other so call educated Black Folks where they stand on Reparation and why is it that thy are not in a Reparation Crusade as they are toward our Children and see what they say, now I know that there are exceptions to this Rule,but those exceptions does not rise at this time to rival those educated Black Folks who speak ill against Reparation.

The Mind that most Black People use to analyze a system that is deeply rooted in Racism, can not adequately See the Divine Truth about why it is that our children are behaving as they do, as well as their parents, because we now operate under the guidance of the Human Being Mnd.

Racism can be liken to a cancer that eat at the Brain of Black People and it is that illness that transform your Divine Mind to become the Mind of our oppressors, they that refer to themselves as Human Beings, so not until we reclaim our Divine Mind, will we be motivated to know that there has to be a change in environment, away from the virus that is causing the disease of Black People and such a change must take us back home to our Enslaved Ancestors Home Land, our Land upon this planet, the place referred to as Afrka, so until Mr. Cosby and Dr. Puissant understand that Truth, they will continue to serve as tools of an environment that is systemic Racist toward Black People and in such an environment, Black People Will never be Free and Independent, in other word, we have no way of defeatng Racism in america

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