Brother AACOOLDRE : Mr. 666 is Emperor Titus

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    WHO IS MR. 666?

    By Andre Austin

    “The much ballyhooed number 666, mentioned in Revelation as the mark of the beast was in fact held sacred in the goddess worshipping cultures as representative of female genitalia…it is called Venus or the mother. In Hebrew Vau is six, Is vau Mother Eva or Eve” Christ in Egypt p.271 By D.M. Murdock. Venus was called Lucifer (devil) and Vesper. Venus is born from a castrated penis in the foam sea.

    This gave me the idea that Josephus writing of a sex crime in the Temple of Isis with a Paulina & Fulvia was symbolic of Paphos-Venus/Isis. I knew that the Vulva [phonetically sounding similar with Fulvia] is a gateway to the uterus from which the Pap-smear is the opening of the uterus. And also Paps are female tits that Jesus (morning star/Venus) has the equipment of (Rev 1:13), but that’s another story which I’ve talked about in other essays. However, with Jesus being a composite of Osiris, who had both male/female parts and Horus who was sodomized by Satan put be kept in our notes.

    The Emperor Titus is the unnamed, named 666 with his Greek name Teitan=666 in number. By coincidence Emperor Titus along with his Father and brother do claim descent from a spiritual Venus.

    St Paul is castrated and then leaves for Paphos where he meets a child of the devil (Acts chapter 13). Paul is lampooned in sex story as Paulina and then has a spiritual child by truth/faith (Amen) name Titus in Titus 1:4. Therefore Paul has a 666 too. Following the mythology this Titus would have the spiritual mother of the Emperor-Venus-Isis