Chief Elder Osiris : Moving Out From The Caste Of Invisibility

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    Moving Out From The Caste Of Invisibility Into The Freedom Of Visibility

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Another Decade is upon us and what it has in store for us will depend on what we have in store for ourselves.

    There is nothing or no one that is obligated to do for you than other than you are responsible for doing for your self and it is the Afrikan that need to know the value of knowing that Divine Truth and it is this decade that Black people must consent to pull off the cap of our ignorance of self and begin to get to know the Divine Real you of Black so call Afrikan people.

    For thousand of years, a people who were once Divinely visible have been made to become a invisible Black Afrikan people, being a people that is every where but is no where, looked at but not seen and used but not respected, all because we have been made to be invisible to ourselves first, and to the world in general, no more must we be overlooked and disrespected in the coming decade that hold many starling things that is to happen in this world coming decade.

    This is going to be a decade for Black people that will be full of strife, evil, and demand to be seen, not by the sense of your sight, but by the coming into the Divine knowledge about your Might, A mind that will be functioning Divinely instead of cowardly.

    It is the coward that is invisible, but the warrior it is that Think in such a way to bring Divine visibility to the Body, Mind, and Spirit of a people who has acted in a caste of invisibility and now must Demand their freedom of visibility, which will cause you to Demand for Reparation, which will be done with the freedom of Mind that will make our Mind to be visible again upon this planet Earth.

    Make no mistake about it, in the life activity of the Black so call Afrikans, we have been made to live an invisible life and the arrogance and hypocrisy of the world is what caused and maintained our invisibility, the world lying as if they claim not to be looking at the color of our pigment, which is a way of indicating that Black people are invisible people.

    So by the world looking at not the visibility of the Racial make up that we are, which are people who are Black and Afrikan, which is according to the script, the oppressors have so designated us to be an invisible people, we are not to be seen, we the invisible Black people of the planet Earth, just meant to be used.

    Not in this coming decade must the Black Afrikan go along with the script that have people of different race color telling lies about how when they look at us they can not see all of this Blackness starring them in their eyes, and we Black people been made to accept such a lie as a compliment, when all of the Time such a lie is insulting and is insinuating that Black so call Afrikan people are invisible people, can not be seen, and something you can not see, you have no obligation to deal with in a just and respectful manner.

    This coming decade Black people must do what needs to be done so that the world will stand up and take notice of our presence, it must be the way we Think that will cause us to become visible to Lucifer, and what we Think must be about us demanding our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, our sovereignty, our independence, and our freedom to become the next State in Afrika, anything less will cause the Black Afrikan Nation to remain an invisible Nation and that is a Nation which you now can not see, because today Black people is a divided Black invisible Nation.

    So no, you will not have respect coming from a world that refuse to look to see you, because the invisible life you have been forced to live cause the world to be comfortable in your invisible presence, we always being heard and not allowed to be seen, and seeing is what making things to be Divinely Real.

    Today the Black Afrikan is not real and that is why nobody take Black people to be serious about our own self, because the way we act toward each other, is as if we are invisible to each other, as we go around slaughtering each other, both physically and mentally, in this evil blind world, a world that is blind to the presence of Black people on this Earth, we now are the invisible people in the world today.

    A people with a mind that does not Think, is a people that is invisible, and does not receive any respect.

    So yes, Black people are invisible people today, and we Black people must, from this day on and in the coming decade, commit to ourselves to become visible in this evil world and we must come to know that we owe no apology to anybody other than to ourselves.

    Yes, we have shown utterly disrespect of ourselves and we being those Black people in Afrika and Black people out of Afrika, a people that can not be seen, because of Black people invisibility in the world and our inaction has contributed to our invisibility in the world today.

    When you are invisible then you do not count for anything, you are there being not there, so the moment Black people start using our Mind is the moment we will become visible to the world, and the world for Black people will be a better place for us to be visible and respected, because then we will have come to know again how important it is to Black people to recreate our own environment where our visibility will serve as a beacon to the world.

    Being visible require for you to know about your Divine Spirituality and no better way to begin such a Mind trip than for you to follow the link below that will take you to a Book that must be in the possession of every Thinking Black Afrikan, the book, Divine Spirituality: Revealed Information About The Real You.

    The link must have no space in it, beloved.

    http://www.iunivers BookDetail. aspx?BookId= SKU-000131666

    Be Kind To Your Self

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]