Chief Elder Osiris : Moving Forward Is The Wrong Direction For Black Afrikan People!!!

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    Moving Forward Is The Wrong Direction For Black Afrikan People!!!

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Who told you to look to the future for your Life improvement, Freedom, Liberation?

    Who told you that the best Time for your Life is in front of you?

    Who told you to move forward and not backward?

    Who told you that it is the Future That hold the Greater Good For You And Not The Past?

    Who told you that you must look to the future and forget about the Past?

    Beloved, Certainly not our Ancient Cosmic Divine First Wat Ancestors told you things to do that do not serve to the Greater Good in your life, they that came to the Planet Terra ( EARTH) with all of the glorious Divine Information, with knowledge about themselves, the Divine Essence, Both Universe, and about the Quantum Particles of which we all are a part of that make us the Divine Schematic of the Physical Universe.

    The physical Universe that reside in the belly of the Infinite universe, it being the powerful Intelligence of Infinity, it serving as the verifier that all things are attached to that which is behind it and not in front of it.

    All things come from a past motion of action and it is the past that extend to the endless of Infinity, which make possible the present, and it is only a fool that would teach to ignore the Past, entice you to forget about the past and to not take thought of today, and look to tomorrow for your life sustaining wants for a life of better means.

    Such advice to you beloved, only verify the reason why Black people are now used as fodder for the Human Beings, your adopted teacher, concerning your life wants that are grounded in lies and action of deception, concerning the Divine Essence, the action and purpose of both Universe, and your Black self past and present, having you to place greater value in a future that is not there, while having you to curse your past, out from which all Divine Knowledge flow about your Black Divine Life.

    There is nothing that is qualified to compete and measure up to the Past Time action, it is your present Time action that should be the verifier of your Past, yet you have been made to be dumbed down to believe that it is your Ancient Divine Cosmic First Way Ancestors whom you must forget about, they being the Divine Representative and verifier of your Divine Past and present life abilities to have a will of choice for your body life to act upon..

    In the process of all birth, the process verify you coming and being, nothing about a promise about what is to come from some x factor you call the future, only about where you are going and from whence you come, which is out from the past action that cause you To Be, There You Will Go and Not To Be, As you are in the present, and into the past you will go.

    So it is your Past that hold the Greatest verification of your Greater Good and not the Future, A Time That Is Not, but is told to you to aspire for, told to you by the Human Being, telling you not to aspire for your Past, which is the verifier of your Divinity, Beloved.

    The Honorable Marcus Garvey taught us to not look to the future of America, but he pointed us to the glorious past to Afrika, proclaiming to us, that it is our past that hold the Greater Good for the Black Afrikan Divine Being, because it is out of Divinity Did we come.

    To repudiate the Past is to repudiate the Divine Essence and to do that, it only bring upon you self hatred that will cause you to become believers in the doctrine of Lucifer, instead of the Divine Revelation that come from your Divine Ancient Cosmic First Way Ancestors, they being the representative of your past life, because out of their loins did you Black so call Afrikans flow.

    You can not move forward in life, there is no such of an action that will compliment such an attempt, we move in the domain of our present and toward the Divine Reality of our past, the two action of Time is what verify who and what you are and where it is you are going, not in a false naive falsity of a future, but in the Divine Reality of your Past, because there it is where you come from and is where you are going, beloved.

    So, where you come from is from your past and it is your past that first verified the Divinity of your Soul presence, that Divine Energy Intelligence that reveal all that your Mind will allow it to express to you, as you display the spirit as reflected from your mind action.

    So, that is why it is important why you Black People must return, not forward, but back into your Divine Cosmic Divine First Way Ancestors Mind, the Mind that they endowed you with, as you came out from the Sacred Grail of their Being.

    There Are the foolish ignorant intelligent Afrikan who say that our past is to horrific for us to go back to, and I say, only a Human Being Mind will not allow you to go back beyond the Time of the Human Being entering into your Black Life, because such a Time is not a challenge to the Past of that Time, which Truly Reveal the Divinity of your Life.

    So, when dealing with our past, we are to deal with the point of our arrival to this planet, the point that reveal and verify our Divinity and the mystical action that we were qualified to perform in life, all because our First Way Ancestors were not confused about the Duality of Time Sacred Dimensional action, which are Past and Present.

    When in search for our Divine Past Information, you must come to know that those of us who deal with the Divine Essence, in the context of belief, Heaven, and Hell, they are the religious gurus of Lucifer, teaching you to forget and to despise your Past, and take no Thought about the Present.

    It is Lucifer the Human Being that is telling you that you should believe in the future in order to experience your life sovereignty, peace, and joy, and only a foolish believer will opt for such shallow lying instruction that vilify the Past and present action of our Black lives.

    Moving Forward is not possible to do, yet it is the Black Afrikan who always are attempting to do what is not possible to do in our lives, while we are ignoring the possible things we should be doing to alter the course of action we now engage in that is killing the lives of the Black Afrikan People, which is, denying who we truly and really are, that being Divine Black Beings with a Divine Sacred Glorious Past life Experience, which is possible of being experienced in our present life action, today.

    The Past and the Present, it intersect with each other,Beloved, no future involvement whatsoever!!!

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]