Black Entertainment : Movie about 'Black Israelites' In Production - "Asher"


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Jun 5, 2007
ASHER tells the story of Paul Rueda, an ambitious college student who goes undercover in a militant religious organization known as The Black Israelites to write a college paper that he believes will make him famous.

“The Israelites” are known for their fiery sermons on the streets of New York.

Their main beliefs are that Blacks and Latinos are the true Chosen People of the Bible; that the world is controlled by a secret society known as the Illuminati who has spent thousands of years plotting the domination of the world, and that the Earth is in its final days.

As Paul enters their world he befriends Zebulon, a rising member who Paul hopes to exploit for information. However, Paul gets in over his head when he begins to “see" evidence that seems to prove the group’s claims, in particular, the belief that the Illuminati has started a plan to kill off the population of the world through biological weapons such as anthrax, and diseases like AIDS.

When Zebulon reveals to Paul that he and a few others have formed a separatist group Paul begins to participate in their activities knowing full well that he could be putting his life in danger.

Asher is a very intriguing film about a religious yet fiery subculture who call themselves the "Black Isrealites" aka "The original Black Jews". Although their presence can be felt in inner cities across America, this particular story focuses on the environment I was born and raised in, Harlem New York.

As a young New Yorker I would see them everywhere, from 42nd street standing on soap boxes yelling at onlookers and passersby, to marching in military form down 125th street, dressed to the nines in what at the time could only be described as the craziest and loudest costumes Iʼve ever seen!

The reason Iʼm really excited about seeing this film get made is because Francisco did a great job of bringing us into this subculture by delving deep into the minds and the lives of a very often misunderstood yet extremely interesting religion. The characters are rich and multi-leveled, as well as flawed and possibly extremely dangerous which lends itself to keeping the audience on the edge of their seat!

I look forward to working on this project and to see Francisco's vision come to life.

- Mekhi
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