Black Poetry : Moves in the club

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    Moves in the club

    Flow correct and show respect got pride from schools
    So I abide by rules and ride in cool drop tops fools
    Accept rap as binding it help me by unwinding my feeling
    Make it fit microphones break nitwits domes by revealing
    Whackness, now look I’m in the club as a thug catching
    A static storm in dramatic form like a screenplay dispatching
    A Shakespeare conclusion, fake fear in delusion by scratching
    The surface of peace, the dumb fear and won’t come near this
    Club, but sincere love exist here, sip bud like my beer brisk
    Got dance steps swift plus accept gifts and that help uplift
    My spirit to rap so my lyrics snap necks smoke mics so sniff
    The burnt fumes of my learnt tunes best call the fire truck
    These girls breasts got me hooked need access to books open up
    Some pages having dumb sex rages the smell of perfume amazes
    Me the DJ is mixing and fixing the music so folks can use it on stages
    Fiction trails leads to addition of details and I’m here with tradition
    And females, club sparking hot in the parking lot got ambition
    And a motor-car haven’t bought a Toyota so far want permission
    To kiss a girl, they shake loose hips with juice on their lips just one
    Tonguing can set them off make them wet and soft then get boss tons
    Of sex, “so boo I know you get hot sometime, baby girl accept my gift
    And step swift to bed quick with your red lipstick let the wet sheets drift
    Girl you have hardcore agility and your ability to shake rump
    Take front seat your gravy will amaze me my crave be for a hunk
    Of your sweet stuff, lips so red and original give me a go ahead
    Signal make my heart bet like drums you just a sweet honey-bun led
    To the club to meet and greet me”, from the waitress accept service
    Then step nervous to grip a mug and sip on bud slam-dump like Purvis
    Ellis using moves on the dance floor have romance galore a few words
    In store for this chick wanna brisk quick kiss really digging her body curves
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    what a club twist this was ......I like