Black Poetry : Moves in the Club #2

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    Moves in the Club #2

    Girl your uniqueness has caused a world of weakness in my head
    Starting to trip a lot and HIP HOP is the essence of my culture fed
    To me by rappers, it’s like a nation’s speech the situation reach
    Thousands of peeps wilding in the street leaves me smiling a heap
    So I grab a flow and bingo, kind of like the Navajo lingo which
    Is an Indian tribe with Benjamin’s I survive can’t describe the rich
    So boo I’m blinging swell and your hips are springing well I itch
    For a kiss boo, it’s an expression of thoughts affection has
    Brought me here with you, like a dog I bark and whine this jazz
    Says your body parts are fine let me buy you some dark red wine
    Then we can discuss stuff”; “wait SHAFT you wanna make the headlines
    And party absurd with a body of words try to correct your dialect
    Your chapters sound like them rappers begging for sex must protect
    My neck and panties, you probably have a **** of ambiguous character
    That rock rigorous in America my breast in reach express in speech a barrier
    Is set in place because you want my wet lace dogs get mace can’t bark
    Apart my defense wanna hit lightly and git it nightly while the CD spark
    The DJ music on high pitch you guy that itch to get between my thighs
    That’s where the creams pies are located; undress my breasts for test rides
    Bed-springs make screeching noise while reaching for sex toys lips collides
    Dang you’re wrecking the spot because I see a projecting **** I must hide
    Or there be dust in your ride Cumming from the back seat listening to whack
    Beat Cumming going skeet skeet skeet and if you go deep it’s a known fact
    That the neighbors gonna know your name while coochee juices flow lame
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    hot splash bruh , pt.3 so u can bring it on home to a final masterpiece