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    By Chief Elder Osiris

    Every time I see Black Folks implying that we Black Folks have a Problem if we can not rise to the level and pretend that in this evil world, color no longer matters and yet, those that created the color line have not done what Need to be done so that color really does not matter, or shall I say, so that People without color does matter in such a way that Justice will not be prejudice against the People without color.

    Those Negroes that are in such a hurry to abandon the need for Justice for Black People over the Want to claim change in a System of past and present oppression, that which has yet to earn such a change, there is not anything intelligent in telling an oppressed People that it is time to discard with the color line and move on in search for change, but is not being clear about whom such a change will serve and what type of change we are talking about, is it a change that will at last cause America and her Allies of Black Enslavement, to final admit that they have a Change in attitude over the way they have disrespected our Enslaved Ancestors and is now ready to honor Change with the Payment of our Enslaved Ancestors reparation ?

    Because not until that change occur, should Black People be not hoodwinked into believing that All Change represent Justice and/or is for the Freedom of all in this world, yet such a change most certainly has yet to come for Black people in this World.

    Black folks say things trying to sound and appear so intelligent and yet when such statement come forth from Black People suggesting that it will be to our advantage if we just become Color Blind, while those with a vision, those that are not respectful of those that are without color, Black that they are, yet yje color blind people are still preventing such a change to come to those Colorless People, they that are in need of justice and Freedom of Thought, that which will represent to be a Change that will honor all People, those that are with and is without Color.

    The one thing that upset me the most is when I See how Bold is the so call Liberal Faction in American Society and this include both Black and White people, when I hear them say that they are so much for Change until they do not See Black or White, forget about the Economic class system that Stratify the Have from the Have-not, I am speaking about the nucleus of an issue that verify the Attitude and Behavior of a Society that is Preaching Change for all of its Members and yet that Change can not See who it is that Really are in Need of change, because a Color Blind Society is a dangerous society to the People that is without color, they being Black People in the world.

    I Hear Obama stating with all of his eloquence that he does not see color, he does not see in America, a difference in race, not in term of Black and White and yet Obama make claim to be for change, so how in the hell that change can be including Black People when he has clearly stated that he does not see you Black People and you weakling of Negro Intelligence, you go running around talking about we must Move Beyond the Color Line and is implying, if we Black Folks do not make such a Move, the Problem is You Black People, what a Foolish None Thinking Statement to make to Black People, you who are in a Country that is Moved and Motivated by the Practice of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, involved in acts of being Discriminative toward Black People, a Race that has yet to get any Creditable body of America Government to commit to a change in Policy concerning the payment of Reparation to our Enslaved Ancestors, that is the only change noted to be of any value in America.

    Change, do you Black people desire change in your Life Living condition, then you sure as Hell need to be able to See crystal Clear the Color Line in America and the World, because the Black oppression is all about your Colorless Black Selves and it is the Color Line that the Presidential Candidates are focusing upon and not your Black behind, because you have been made to become an Invisible people in America, and in this Evil colorful World.

    Here Is Lovingly Thinking Of you

    Chief Elder
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    What I listen to and what I say is the future that I am living into.

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    Today, "A Time for Change" are the words being echoed by many leaders and in many campaigns. Social and political progress within the African American culture; and with an African-American man, and white women running for the office of President makes us realize that we can no longer continue thinking or behaving as victims. Move Beyond the Colored Line is the writing of an African American woman that has faced many struggles and trials in society while overcoming obstacles and rising above many forms of discrimination and segregation.
    The book is the epitome of progress for African Americans who are ready to move forward; ready to embrace their purpose, set their goals, and work to achieve them. The words to be delivered by Ms. Rochell will help foster within the minds of listeners an increased knowledge of the contemporary African American struggles and adversity while providing hope that through education and faith, one can overcome.
    Ms. Rochell continues her work to alter the mindset of society. She is an accomplished orator and lecturer of American Political Science and State and Local Politics. The work of Ms. Rochell will neutralize the stereotypical views and historical ignorance that has negatively labeled and smothered the African American growth process for nearly 40 years. As individuals become aware of who they are they become aware of their service to themselves, their culture and others. Through education we reunite, remember, refocus, and redirect our thoughts and efforts to become conscious beings propelling us closer to our promise of equality and freedom.
    With change and progress being in the air, Ms. Rochell's book takes flight inspiring and encouraging readers to "Move beyond the Colored Line and lose the 'white man' and victim mentality". While our country awaits the decision on a new leader she will prepare to take her place as a motivator and inspiring leader to be apart of the solution rather than a part of the problem.
    Rochell is a native of Mobile, Alabama. She currently resides in Metropolitan Detroit where she lectures American Government, and State and Local Politics.
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