Black People : Mount Etna Erupts...again...

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    Mount Etna Erupts…again…

    It erupted Thursday morning, May 12, 2011, but this is the second time it did so this year. The last time it erupted was January 13, 2011. In my opinion, this is just one of many natural phenomena we will be facing all over this world and just like in the past, the governments will attempt to downplay its significance by many methods…but it won’t stop the inevitable. This planet is going through some major changes in respect to its place in the solar system and beyond.

    Mount Etna Erupts Again, Send Lava Flying Through The Night Sky (RAW VIDEO)

    Mount Etna erupted for the second time this year early Thursday morning, spewing molten hot lava and clouds of ash into the sky.
    The eruption, which can be seen in the raw video below, was most intense between midnight and 4 a.m. GMT, according to the BBC. The lava flow luckily only reached uninhabited areas, though the nearby town of Catania was forced to close its airport after it became covered in ash…

    RAW VIDEO: Mount Etna Erupts Again

    Mount Etna erupted for the second time th...

    This is when it erupted in 2006