Chief Elder Osiris : Motion Without A Clear Path of Direction Is Useless

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    Motion Without A Clear Path of Direction Is Useless

    By Chief Elder Osiris

    We are many and we come in all type of sorted organizations of different persuasion, never having a Goal of objective for our liberation away from America, the Liberation of Afrika. and the Reunification of Afrikan people.

    So, what you have are those organizations being in motion without a clear path of direction, serving to the like of a tire spinning in the mud getting no where, having motion without any traction, which is what Black organizations do and each recruit from the same pool of Black people.

    Such an act is what cause nothing but confusion, appearing to be out for only ego satisfaction and conspicuous action, without a clear path of direction that lead to the Freedom, Justice, and liberation of a people in need of self respect, peace, and joy of life, and those people are the so call Black Afrikans.

    It make no difference if your organization is a hundred years old and Time in between, that you can lay claim to the long gevity of your organization action, such long Time movement only verify that the motion of such organizations have not the ability to get traction that will move them along a clear path that lead in the direction of our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation.

    That which in term serve as our ark of salvation, which will point us in the clear direction that will will lead us along the path that will lead us to our Liberation in Afrika, and will have us to be qualified to fight for the repossession of Afrika and the Reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation.

    So beloved, any Black organization claiming to have been around for a long Time and claiming to have been in action, and I look to the point that I can See Afrika in its present state of condition, and I am qualified to look as well as See, that there is a Divided Black Afrikan Nation today.

    Such empirical evidence factually prove to me, that all of those Black organizations claiming to have been in motion in the Black community for such a Helluva long Time, has been there active as a Tire spinning in the mud, having no viable plan that will give to those organizations traction that will cause them to be able to move the Black world along a clear path of direction that will serve to the Liberation of Afrika and the Black Afrikan Nation.

    I can care less who you are or what your conspicuous status might be among Black people, or what your organization affiliation might be or what other organizations you might endorse, it all prove to be no more than useless lip service, supporting Black organizations that can only brag about their long gevity of being stuck in the mud of egotistical,conspicuous ignorance.

    They have nothing concrete to point to, that can serve as evidence that Black people are on the move, because of the action of your organization liberating accomplishment, obtaining our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and having a clear path of direction that will lead Black people Back to Afrika, where there, our Freedom and Liberation stand to be accomplished for Afrika and the Black Afikan Nation.

    I will use for point of reference to prove what I am sharing with you is Divinely True, the point being our arrival to Diaspora America as captured Enslaved Black Afrikans and from that point of origin to now, come to be about Five Hundred Years of our suffering in America Diaspora and about Three Hundred Ninety Years In the New World America USA.

    Yet as look and See, there are Black People, children of the Middle Passage, being no close to receiving Divine Justice, being free from America Racist Prejudice, Have yet to receive our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, and still is not Liberated from the prejudice and conning of America Racist Prejudice system.

    So tell me, show me the quality of action done by all of your Black Organizations that are worthy of praise for accomplishment that can be enjoyed by Black Children of the Middle passage.

    Organizations that have had an apparent effect in causing Black Children of the Middle Passage to be Different concerning ourselves today and with a positive vision toward Afrika, knowing that Afrika is to be our returned destination, we now being different than we were after our sojourn as Enslaved Afrikans to America.

    There is only one organization that can hold their Mind up straight without embarrassment when making claim that they fight for the Liberation of the Children of The Middle Passage, so that Afrika will be Free and the Black Afrikan Nation will be Reunited Again.

    That organization is none other than the U N I A, the Garvey Movement, it too seem to have gotten stuck in the Mud of repetitious action, having yet to gain traction that will put us back on the path of direction that The Honorable Marcus Garvey so charted the course for us to not just follow, but to advance us Black people toward the Goal of the U N I A.

    That Goal under the leadership of Garvey being Afrika is for the Afrikans and that the Black Afrikan Nation must become Reunited again in Afrika, not America, as a final destination, not the Diaspora America, Not Europe or Asia, but in Afrika does our Liberation, our Freedom, and our Divinity reside.

    Can You Understand That Beloved?

    I share not the Divine Truth to win your approval, but only for your enlightenment, those of you who are Black and is of the quality of Mind to know and Understand that which is Divinely True for the Black Divine Beings upon this Planet Terra.

    Whether you like it or not and whether you are Black enough to acknowledge it or not, We all, who are Black and Afrikan, Earthly, not Proper, but Earthly, we are all Members of the U N I A, We Are All Garveyites, though many Black Afrikans have been influenced to go astray, and to deny our organizational birth right, which is to the U N I A and with an obligation to move the Garveyian cause to its conclusion,.

    Such a task can only be done by the demanding and obtaining our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation, we must have a clear understanding that the path of direction we must travel, must lead to Afrika and the Children of the middle passage being declared the next established State in Afrika, because that is the only way Afrika will come to be for the Afrikan again and the Black Afrikan Nation to be Reunited Again.

    Let the Wise among us Black Folks know what has Just been shared with you and accept this Divine Truth without the blockage of your Vain Ego, Envy, Jealousy, The Trinity Of Evil That Keep Black People Rooted In Our Intelligent Ignorance.

    There Should be only One Major Black Organizational Movement, and it is the U N I A, the Brain Child Of The Master Teacher among Black People in the Twentieth Century, He Being None Other Than My Spiritual Father And Ancestral Guide, The Honorable Marcus.

    He Who I Channel Constantly and do use the accuracy of Remote Viewing to See what it is that the Black Divine Nation must do to Save our Black Lives and To Make the Black Life, SAFE!!!

    A Divine True Warrior will not reveal nor will discuss the tactics, Strategy, or Plan of Attack to be Used to obtain our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation and to Regain Control of Afrika and to cause the Reunification of the Black Afrikan Nation, in open forum, most certainly not on this Internet.

    Can You Understand That, Beloved?

    Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.

    Chief Elder
    [email protected]