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Oct 4, 2019

Chief Elder Osiris Akkebala

Nothing Or None Can Replace A Divine Mother Careful Love She Is Both, Mom And Mother!!!

A Delinquent child change not the behavior of the Mother Love for the child, a disrespectful child loses much to be gained from the Mother, she spares not the rod while spoiling the child and the two action does not contradict each other in a Divine Family setting.

A Divine Mother does not tolerate disrespect coming from the child and the child learns that early on in the family structure.

Divine Respect is due To All Of The Mothers Out There, A Mom give Birth to the child but to be a Mother, it requires the soul of a warrior, I am sharing about Black Afrikan Women, I informed you way back when it comes to the Black Afrikan people, I have been made to have Tunnel vision based on all of the hellish evil we Black Afrikans has to endure to maintain our sanity.

A Mother is very special Divine, she knows her place in the family structure and she wears it well Divinely, she is not susceptible to the conditioning and propaganda that Racist Luciferian Human Being spews out about family, honor, and condition, she fully sees the evil of the racist ways toward the Family of Black Afrikan people and the way she has been targeted to become enemy to the Black Man and against her children, especially the Son, which sometimes the daughters do not innerstand the special attention the mother gives to the son.

The Mother is always thinking about every aspect of the family condition, she is the watcher over the family home activity she is multifaceted in all that she does, there is no replacement of a Divinely conscious Mother who is taught very well by her Mother or relative mother figure and/or Godmother as called to be.

Oh, how I miss my Mother, take not for granted your Mother, not your Mom, but your Mother, she is hard to come by these days, beloved.

So Shower Your Mother with Love and Kindness 365 days a year, she is deserving of such kindness for all she does for the protection and caregiving to the family.

Happy Mother Day, Yall!!!

Divine Respect
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