Black Poetry : Mother wants a pound of meat go down the street to buy


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May 11, 2006
Mother wants a pound of meat go down the street to buy
some chicken, try be saint among girls and paint sprung
displays for kiss days to hurl on walls, utensils in kitchen
holding pencils and itching to write a love letter switching
my style tall and proper ready to call the doctor but gonna
skip that my hips at main attraction boys came for action wanna
date for real its jest cake and sex appeal and the next real move
is the bedroom lips red I assume said boom! Lets do this the groove
is right I try be nice but high a price on a loaf of bread not smooth
to pay too much must do a true search before buying, in the store
love scattered about but there's a matter of doubt some hardcore
love talk can change the mind of a girl strange times in this world
plenty cake for men have a great many friends but far as being hurled
into a hot romance not a chance boys may plot to advance gonna say
nope and stay dope, cake galore but if a boy a great bore for today
I'm gone home, I learned at the club to earn love and turn a hug into
an overnight stand, now I'm a hot sweet but not asleep hear a menu
hide my plate a boy will ride the cake, well I took a chill pill and
be creative like natives wear slippers and Tims got facts in my plan
even Jack the Ripper like them don't attract flim flam rap just stand
for what is good, best jest keep my dress pulled down my breasts are
renown, boys rap with ease but saw a Japanese win with an abacus in the car
over a calculating machine while evaluating his team after a test was done
boys be lifting dress tails like shifting gales the wind tend to do that one
and done , no curfew but boys pursue her for love in the club support the sport
got game like crazy let him tame your gravy and float your boat like the NAVY
when my wet panties tossed they could get lost sometime on a hazy
day of HIP HOP now this is Black HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH I'm a Brown
Soul Sista in VIRGINIA BEACH and fly try reach for the sky boys be down
with my peach pie like a leech they try cling on while bling is long their
goal is to bring me home so I must duck and trust my luck and be ware
I'm in the store galore to shop til I drop plus my panties are hot a lot
now a boy drive up in a car sprung and far flung at one time but now stop
here, I'm brown hot and phat and boys spot that they plot at getting a date
boy's luck today is tucked away and it's corrupt to say they don't wait for cake
boys wanna fiddle with the flow down there and my mind will end up in
the middle of nowhere starting to flow while the HIP HOP gardens grow thin
all the barking oh no this boy's car a sparkling glow drop top feel the wind
if a boy's love talk is stinking script gonna abandon that sinking ship and then
swim to shore to remain above the rim to soar like 2pac true art prevail
now this boy rap HE SAID: LOOK BOO you shop and you hot that how females
be in VIRGINIA BEACH lips red hips incred hard not to grip the bed the details
are there, I'm loco and hot and like photo-shot there are scrimmages in your
images nick name is phat but you can't frame that so boo lets leave this store
so we can be more to the point, let me anoint your thighs with kisses can't ignore
your beauty or booty let me lift your skirt and sniff your work my mind drift alert
with thoughts of sex caught in a complex world of dream you my extreme twerk
queen, in bed dust fly extreme ends justify the means the crust on your pie seem
soft, be my queen take your panties off” “NAW PLAYER no way Hosea I may scream
if I do that my wet thing too phat I can true that, who hat get tilted and leaned?
“i remember my thighs were open and pies smoking and this happen after a kiss
and rapping guy hoping to be stroking, jest doping me up with love words none miss
my ears brisk fears exist oh gosh he jest kiss my lips and got my tongue reminisce
he so sprung, he wanted some, had game for me and that was plain to see and
while he got my tongue I was moving my thing like crazy, had a key and plan
girl don't move your thing like that make me break the back seat with a can
oh I was so trapped he was sweaty and ready to go for the bra strap his hand
on my thighs strong vibes on the CD oh he really want some, it's sincere to say
it's clear as day his intentions stood out like a sore thumb even more come, may
leave? Girl no he jest hurl flow in my ears really some sweet stuff he huff a little
and puff in the middle of a kiss, wanna leave high and dry my pie won't let me, twiddle
my thumb I arrived with breasts and like TRIBE CALL QUEST the best was yet to come // he said girl give me some
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May 11, 2006
march with witty wisdom and face harsh criticism from whack folks with no facts or quotes, lack in hope and try rock my boat with foolishness, not gonna have dinner with you this is an interview so dude where you from is everybody there dumb?" oh some are but I've come far with my knowledge ready to try college, it's tradition up to snuff but the tuition is tough, so I'm selling coco cola bottles to help out feel me? Yeah stable in the street but unable to speak about stuff happen jest not enough rapping now this is BLACK HIP HOP in VIRGINIA BEACH
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