Black Christians : MOSES, ZIPPORA & The BLACK NAZI

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    Ancient Greek Art~ Greek Black Hawk​

    When given the job of writing the new Blackhawk series, Evanier wrote…“…Wherever possible, history and the hardware depicted will be absolutely authentic. The origin reflected in the first story is a combination of the three different origins that Blackhawk has had in the past…." (from issue #253) ]

    The Black Hawk is the Army’s front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry, and aeromedical evacuation units.

    … In August 1972, the U.S. Army selected the Sikorsky (model S-70) YUH-60A and the Boeing Vertol (model 237) YUH-61A (1974)… In December 1976 Sikorsky won the competition to produce the UH-60A, subsequently named the Black Hawk.

    In October 1989, the engines were upgraded to two General Electric T700-GE-701C 1890 shp turboshaft engines, … resulting in a model designation change from UH-60A to UH-60L.

    Black Hawks on the Front Line of Offense~ History Repeats Itself
    Zippora, the wife of Noah was part Kenite [Ken; Black HETH], and as the Bible details too, she was also defined as being Ethiopian [Cush]; Black skinned and of the land of Ham. The father-in-law of Moses, Jethro [or, Jether; other names, Reuel & Hobab] was a priest of the Midianites in that region and this would be the key point that has not been brought out. Though Jethro was ‘a priest of Midian’ and apart of the Midianite culture, his heritage was that he was a Kenite, as was his father Raguel. In other words, he was a priest for the Midianites and connected by bloodline but his male lineage was definitely Kenite. This too was how he was also connected to the descendants of AbraHam. It was the very blessing of the descendants of JapHeth in the lands of the west that came from the High Priest of the world, Noah, and in which certain ancient people of Heth in ancient Egypt adhered to, even the 12th Dynasty pharaohs. Noah took back the birthright blessing of High Priesthood from his firstborn son, Japheth, and gave it to Shem, therefore the descendants of Heth who came into the west could only legitimately take the lead under the priesthood for this reason. However and unlike Jethro, the other part of this blessing of which many disregarded has to do with women; the daughters of the land. This would be why Zippora was also defined as being Cush-Hamitic [Ethiopian] in the KJV scriptures of which includes the Cambridge Concordance.

    Some of the ancient Black [Heth] people from the east that came into the western lands totally disregarded the blessings and judgments of Noah and came with their women and with their predetermined notion to elevate their goddess Ashteroth above and beyond the original daughters of the land and this deception still plagues Africa today. Noah specifically blessed JapHeth and his descendants by saying they would “dwell within the tents of Shem” [GENESIS 9:27] and the phrase “within the tents” gives reference to “consummation” in some form of which includes, the act of bonding in marriage. Therefore the very high priesthood of JapHeth was preserved in the future generations under the priesthood, however, it became a protected right for those of whom went into the western world and bonded with the descendants of Shem through marriage bonds [ie. Sesostris-the-priest & Amenemes-MES-SEM PRIEST]. But aside from the blessing itself, for any stranger to come into the inherited land of another mankind and set up a government without any sure actions of peace and goodwill, well, hindsight shows the obvious repercussions of it. However, the problem was that the western people did not initially realize that many eastern people came with a predetermined belief of superiority about beauty of which was primarily based upon Colorism, and this idea was put throughout byway of certain methods of deception in the western world and became accepted by many. One mode to transfer this belief of Color Supremacy was through religious practices. And the pinnacle of the Serpent (bird) religion of certain eastern peoples was the Idol worship of Ashteroth, the white goddess, of which became the supreme mechanism for the downfall and suppression of the original western man. This early eastern world religion stems from a matrilineal basis which elevated Ashteroth as the most supreme.

    Of course now, how did the western man cope with the eventual realization that the same beauty supremacy standard of Ashteroth was viewed likewise by his western women when it came to the eastern man? This became the ultimate dilemma that would exist between the Black man and the Black woman of the western world for thousands and thousands of years. Strangely though, history reveals an ironic circumstance with regards to the process whereby the western world became suppressed under White Supremacy. In order for the goddess Ashteroth to have been accepted as supreme in the western world, it was not the Black man but the Black woman that had to accept this form of worship of the white woman in order for it to be successful. In other words, todays’ modern term for the ancient matrilineal worship movement in the west would be known as ‘feminism’ [the Feminist Movement], and this White Woman Savior Movement had to ultimately appeal to Black women in order for it to take affect and put down the power of the Black man and ultimately the Black women as well.

    Initially, Black women are made to yearn for emancipation from the suppressive Black man that has been highlighted and in this process, they totally become blinded to the fact that they become the only basis from which the movement can take root. But here would be the irony: While some women of this feminist movement are quick to profess that it was the ancient woman--the womb--of whom was the beginning and came before the man, they totally ignore the other half of the story; that they [we] were also the first to betray mankind. History reveals that when the eastern pagans brought their matrilineal movement to the west, they came to appeal to the western woman, the nurturer, because it was repeated history. But the Creator God holds the man responsible for the ultimate acceptance of this Serpent-bird Religion that was introduced into the western world because they ignored the real cause of their suppression of which came from their nurturers but instead history shows that they struck out in retaliation violently, against their generations of younger women, and severely suppressed and victimized them. Certain ancient Black women in high places were appealed to and venerated and they ruled through their sons and brought incredible hardships on the Black world. So when Noah stormed out of his tent and pronounced judgments and blessings, he did this in response to this same movement. Therefore, Noah took the birthright blessing of high priesthood away from JapHeth for certain reasons, one of which was cut out the power of the wife of JapHeth, the white woman of the ark, of whom JapHeth had allowed to become the voice of her Black son [his son]. It would be for this reason too that many pagans on the one hand, mock Noah as he brought a Black woman into the ark that deceived him, or on the other hand they detest the Bible, reject the story of Noah altogether, or become the voice of White Supremacy, and through deception strike at the authenticity of ancient records. Regardless however, because the goddess Ashtoreth [ie. the Asiatic goddess] became supplanted in Black lands in early times, all ancient scripts including ancient Egyptian scripts even in pre-flood times has to be regarded from the perspective that Black History has to be retrieved from the presence of White History. For example the major worship of the god Horus, portrayed as the falcon hawk, was brought in from the east and was also portrayed in the female version of Hathor. But Jethro, the priest of Midian, would be one of many confirmations that proves the wisdom of Noah and that not all eastern people believed in the Serpent-bird religion and the Color Caste System..

    The presence of Jethro and certain other Kenites would be confirmations too that the original descendants of JapHeth were dark skinned or even Black skinned. And the fact that Jethro was also a priest of the Midianites offers yet more history. The original Midnianites are a distinct kind of eastern people who came to the west, and their history was extensive and goes way back even before AbraHam came into ‘the Middle East’ but even so, AbraHam became acquainted with them. And so by the time of Moses and about four hundred (400) years before the Exodus, AbraHam had bonded with the Midianites. After the death of Sarah, the first wife of AbraHam, Keturah [Ket-Turah; Khety] became his wife and she would be the link between Zippora and Moses. One of the six (6) sons that Keturah had was named ‘Midian’ and he too would be a connection to the later ‘Numidian culture’ [Nu-Midian] in North Africa during the Roman Empire times and of whom became associated with the symbol of ‘the Black Hawk’. Actually though, all of the six (6) sons of AbraHam from Keturah show that they were Black and had names that reflect their ethnicity. Their names and later cultures reflect that their history was connected to the original Hamites but also, they show that the Midianites, the Kenites, the Kenazi and many other kinds of Heth people were apart of the western lands. According to the Bible, when these sons of AbraHam became adults, AbraHam sent them southwards and this would be the land that one day Moses would meet and bond with Zippora. Ultimately, these ancient people who intermixed had shared cultures, but they were distinct kinds people based upon their earlier origins. As a result, they also had shared names and therefore, their history has to be considered within context.

    Jethro was a priest of the Midianites but the Bible later details that he was also a Kenite through his father and his father’s people. Therefore, the names reflect two distinct and shared Heth cultures that Jethro was intermixed with through his bloodline. This means that the kind of Midianites that he was apart of were also known as Kenites due to the dominant male priesthood. Jethro’s daughter, Zippora shows that Jethro bonded with the daugthers of the land, for she was also defined as being Ethiopian [Cush Hamitic]. This would be no different from today in which the offspring of many cultures, such as some South American cultures, are given no less than five ‘family names’ that reflect their ancestral lineage. It would be due the Colonial Empire system of Slavery and the Slave Ship Era that African American descendants of Slavery have become detached from this kind of heritage, therefore, it becomes a renewed since of history for us to understand even from the Bible perspective. This history was detailed and written in the Bible for us to understand today. Many Heth people became divided based upon their eastern origins in which the supreme goddess Ashteroth was elevated in Black lands.

    The Kenazi, the Kenites and the Midianites are ancient Heth people that have a dominant presence in ancient African History and ancient Greek History, and to understand their origins would be to understand the happenings in recent events occurring this very day especially in their connection with the term ‘Black Hawk’. The presence of ‘the Black Hawk’ in ancient Greek art reveals the presence of certain ‘Apollo Greeks’ [Jap-Ollo Greeks] that became apart of Greek history. These kinds of facts might prompt some questions or thoughts as to the origins of the military aircraft that became called ‘Black Hawks’. Can there be a connection to the history of certain ancient Black ‘Heth’ men of whom were exploited historically and placed on the front lines of assault in service to ancient White Supremacist systems and empires, like Rome? Were many of them appealed to in order to go into the west with the purpose to deceive and to set up the eastern systems in ancient Black lands which led to the suppression and enslavements of many of the original Black people? Do White Supremacist systems exploit certain kinds of Black ‘Heth’ people to suppress other original people of Black lands and then turn upon them and blame them for the atrocities that they should both share? At any rate, the names, cultures and symbolism of today that many people in Africa identify themselves by have been written down in the Bible. They have variations of Biblical Names, and these names too have also been written in other script and connect the past to the present, and offer a direct definition and correlation to the presence of BLACKS, Hamites, Heth, and etc. in ancient lands in the western world. Cont.

    Black Hawk Toy Soldiers Numidian Horseman BH0313



    Hathor was often characterized as a female falcon in equation with Horus as the Sky God.

    The cult of the falcon-god was brought into Egypt by invading tribes that later settled on its territory. Initially worshipped as a deity of war who tore his victims with powerful talons, Horus was absorbed into the state religion as the son of Ra, the Sun, and was later seen as the son of Isis and Osiris.

    And when they came to Reuel their father, he said, How I it that ye are come so soon to day?
    EXODUS 2:18.

    NOW Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian:…
    EXODUS 3:1.

    And Moses said unto Hobab, the son of Raguel the Midianite, Moses’ father in law, We are journeying unto the place of which the LORD said, I will give it you: come thou with us, and we will do thee good: for the LORD hath spoken good concerning Israel.
    NUMBER 10.29

    And the children of the Kenite, Moses’ father in law, went up out of the city of palm trees with the children of Judah, which lieth in the south of Arad; and they went and dwelt among the people.
    JUDGES 1:16. --​
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    This may be another angle to your research. I don't have it yet, so I can't fill you in, but it looks interesting nonetheless.