Black Poetry : Morning Prayer 2010


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Mar 13, 2006
Somewhere between paradise and diaster
Dear Heavenly Father,

As this year begins anew
I must take to time to renew my commitment to You
For I know that it's by Your power that I'm still standing
And I just want to start this prayer with true gratitude
First of I must thank You for just being God
I am grateful for all that has come before
For you have been better then I deserve
You have kept me safe and secure in Your arms
And today I stand before You better than bless

So Father before I ask for that which I think I need
I ask that You take the wheel and have Your divine way
Father Guide my footsteps in Your appointed pathway
Help me to keep my mind totally focused on You today
For I know now that my aim is to please You alone
And not tarry upon man's opinions or decisons
For none but You have a heaven or hell to put me in

Before this day even starts I am assured there'll be ups and downs
So I am asking You now to strengthen me for the journey ahead
So that I may be able to handle all that this day shall hold
And if for a moment my foot almost slips, lead me back to You
For this year I'm aspiring to be exactly what you call me to be
No more or no less for I have learned you know whats best
So on this year I dedicate myself to doing it the right way
On my own I know am not capable but it's in you that I am able

Also Lord help me to realize that whatever comes today
That it is all working for my good no matter how it looks
For all thing works for the good of them that love the Lord

Lastly in this time of declared recession remind me who You are
For You are a mighty God, and you are not in recession
So You able to meet all my needs exceeding and abundantly

And in the precious name of my Lord & Saviour, Jesus I pray.


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