Black Poetry : Morning Headlines (*shout outs to the family)


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Mar 17, 2001
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*My first try at this shout out some love for the SoulurN2-- family!!

Blak's verbs keep dancing with me until he gets
tired ~enough to SIT, and THINK, about LIFE, WHY?

$$RICH's flight to heaven's place is so damned expensive
DES ONE OUT :eeek:

I found So'ja on the street walking towards the eye of the Storm as she and "papi" estan familiarazando con uno otro - you go girl!!

3 years later... I met J'hiah when he told me his story of "love no more"...poeticdelight was standing in suspense while they exchanged replies

Bishop...Bishop...Bishop...from the lighthouse he declares ~informing the family of eternal love while mother Destee cheers the I ask myself who's watching him while he's watching us?!

Afridancr Attempted her first Haiku while Baller sang a soulful hymn at graduation
Shaz is evolving into his own revolution, and my HeartBeats whenever I read them...and oh, how
Love Changed 1 & 2
for my homegirl Shaneak or since I've noticed that
Hypnotize ain't been in here all week...
Supreme being is she SGS is now MIA (missing in action)

Hunter's chronicles are smashing the penis wars
and the ladies on this board are lovin' every minute of it (even when aunt flow comes to visit once a month):lol:

But it certainly couldn't have been that time of the month for sustah Alyce cause she's skippin' work lubricating her life...

WildFlower7 has certainly been missed; and hell no, there ain't no SunShyne when GA's gone-- who wrote that song??!

Is it possible to go swimming in a school of only Twofish?

Did someone help Garlicsalt99, he was lookin for that Dark Skinned woman for quite a long know, the one with the Purple Negligee...!? Tell me have you seen her?

dnommo's embracing jazz while conciensciously not leaping out of his faith...

Natasha's leaving pieces all ova this place- -
at least 8 songs per day?! :lol: Do ya' thang girl!!

I am inclined to say that my homie is UbZorB'd the old fashion way-- driving in the country side each night and day... I thought you was a ride or die chick?! :lol: hey nowww!! :lol:

Where's Cindy?...she said she's not a queen...but that don't matter... your practically 'family'... ;)

Sherykah I'm still fien'n off the ~inkdrops~ where ya at ma?! This morning I thought I seen the Twinkle Twinkle Sista Stars.... and I wanted to dance......

I've been seeing things in 8th's of a second that keep me wonderin' when she gon' post a thread...?
until I see the Bassaman's cute ciao...bating me back for more...of tbone5769steak with dressings galore, or sugarloaf from Amun-ra running south of the border for more...
and after the wave caught MsDelite I flew away with the Legend of 1 Spirit deep into the darkness of night...then
something strange had happend, I thought he had moved...because he
Got Quiet
for a while...
then I seen him move
with the strength of
10 thousand men
stretched out his pen
and I still haven't seen
that Maddrapper hustlin'
inside of poetry land....
...and I can't forget
Sean, the poet... or better
yet thepoetsean his
honours are not represented
what happend...I miss him
has he gone?

And this does it for the Morning HEADLINES....
The names are growing stronger on the boardz, it's nice to see so many of you talented brothas & sistas spittin' verbage in between the sheets of poetry!

One luv. ~ N2urSoul

Hope it's kewl!


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