Black People : More Strange Fruit In Mississippi

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    They Kill Black People Don’t They?[/SIZE

    Christopher Smiley
    25 Dec 1974 – 26 Nov 2003
    R. I. P

    Part One
    Beloved, as we are witness yet another brutal season of ritual cleansing, persecution, repression, and genocide, duly forced upon us on a domestic battlefield in the virulent bloodlust and curious regard of a White colonial-settler will to power, today flourishing in the mist of a most dire war, we are dying again. As Amerika prosecutes on foreign soil, here in the very belly of the beast we find ourselves forced to wage resistance on a singular, second, and very Ameikan battlefield. Today, as young Opie looking White cops aggressively haunt Memorial Drive, pulling over in droves, young Black men and women, as if they have simply lost their minds, the state of Mississippi once again has regressed to its medieval ordure, stealing the life of yet another young promising brotha.

    ‘If they kill me auntie, please don’t let my death be in vain!’ These are the words of premonition that Christopher Smiley, serving life without the possibility of parole in Mississippi’s maximum security Parchman plantation prison, would utter in knowing witness to his aunt Linda Granger just days ago. At eight o’clock a.m. on the 26 of this month, one day before Thanksgiving, Christopher would be pronounced dead. The method of death—‘suicide’, he they said, ‘hanged (lynched) himself!’ How many of you Beloved, are yet willing to believe, that for a people who contain such a disturbing witness of rope and fire deep within their subconscious collective, that self ‘hanging’ would become in Mississippi, so commonly selective. For a nation that continues to behave in utter disregard for Black life, first kidnapping us, dragging us here, and savagely putting us in slavery, now continuing to project its antipathy for us in countenance to war, they believe they can tell us anything. But we know better.

    If they can actually take the greatest pop entertainer in the world, and forced this multimillionaire to bend over like a common slave, (do you believe that Elvis or Sanatra would have been treated as such?), and take pictures of his genitals, then Beloved, only a determined eternal vigilance, working in our own self interest, on the part of all of us, can tame this beast, and halt the constant threat to our teeming multitudes. “They have been ‘very nasty’ to our family said Linda Granger”, They said, they “couldn’t find his body”. “He was embalmed (to hide wounds perhaps?), and “we didn’t tell them that they could do this!” They were told that he could be ‘cremated’. One woman named Nancy in Dr. Haye’s (who did the autopsy) office, cursed me said Linda, “The only **** thing we do is the autopsy!” “We can bury the **** body ourselves!”

    Beloved, If we must die------Let it not be in vain…

    With eerie smirk on face, Bush the Younger has so often attempted to curry this war in Iraq, as a battle towards civilization or barbarism.

    Beloved, you alone, in whatever township or bantustan (‘hood’) can cull this steady march to death of our community. Let not Christopher Smiley’s death be in vain. It is a singular Olympian witness that we hold in this world. That leading culture that solicits in perfect harmony the energy of the Universe. That pregnant and vibrant witness that has the collective power to tremble the walls of justice (instituting the reign of Maat) upon the planet. If you but cry out your outrage and mine, for the stealing of the life of brotha Smiley. For we have died far too long! It is indeed a battle towards which road Amerika has the culture to proceed, civilization or barbarism?

    Beloved, speak your outrage:

    Coroner Douglas Card
    601 939-5997
    662 887-2611

    Warden’s Office Parchman Prison
    662 745-6611

    Our prayers to Christopher’s aunt Linda Granger, who has been waging a lonely war in Christopher’s behalf for the last three years.

    Linda Granger
    770 996-5779
    [email protected]

    Mail your donations and support to:

    The Fight For Christopher Smiley
    In Care of Linda Granger
    6431 Mark Trail
    Riverdale, GA 30296