Black People : More Reaganomics / Lowering Corporate Taxes will help Create Jobs?

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    Obama Jobs Council Calls for Lower Corporate Taxes, Increased Domestic Energy

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    President Obama’s jobs council has issued a new set of recommendations calling for more corporate-friendly policies. On Tuesday, the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness issued a report backing a reduction of the corporate tax rate, an expansion of domestic energy production and doing away with a number of regulations. In a visit to the council, President Obama praised its members’ work.

    President Obama: "I’ve personally emphasized to the White House team and to the cabinet the importance of aggressively implementing the recommendations of this jobs council. I’ve been tracking implementation of your recommendations and we have seen substantial progress across the board."

    Headlines for January 18, 2012

    Websites Stage Historic Strike Against Anti-Piracy Laws; Romney Claims Tax Rate of 15%; $360K in Speaking Fees "Not Very Much"; Hundreds Protest in D.C. for "Occupy Congress"; Obama Jobs Council Calls for Lower Corporate Taxes, Increased Domestic...