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May 25, 2013
In The Name Of Allah,
Lord Of All Thee Worlds…

“What We Really Teach,… and Shall Most Definitely Achieve!”

We Teach; Allah is the Supreme being, the epitome of perfection (!!!) and there is only one Allah. Also, if Allah you will to see, then the “ALL” of the chosen, the few MUST come together, and Allah you will C-E-E, as well S-E-E. For Allah is God (always has been, always will be!!!) and Allah exists everywhere, in the heavens above and the Earth below. Allah is just and true, and there IS no unrighteous in Allah. Allah is seen and heard everywhere, NOT unseen… also known as the All Eye-Seeing.

We Teach: In The Nation Of God’s & Earths’, contrary to what you have been told, think or feel, You DO NOT DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, rather you do what you MUST!!!

We Teach; Supreme Mathematics and the Supreme Alphabet are the basics of our foundation, as well as the language of the Nation of Gods & Earths – God’s Mathematics, God’s Alphabet (Supreme Born God!)

We Teach that We are NOT racist!!!
We Teach that We are NOT pro-black!!!
We Teach that We are NOT anti-white!!!
We Teach that We ARE pro God!!!
We Teach that We ARE anti-Devil!!!
We Teach that We ARE pro righteous!!!
We Teach that We ARE anti-evil!!!

We Teach; The Colored People, like the Original People, have a nature. It is because of that nature, that we do what we do, as well as why we don’t do things the others may/or may not do. We teach that because of the Colored People’s nature, they will never be God or Earth, though they can be, and have been known to be, part of the 5% here on the poor part of the planet Earth unless, the Original People decide otherwise.

We Teach; Do the knowledge to the snake (Devil), and if you have not, or are not going to destroy the snake- A.B.C. (Always Be Careful ), or, leave them alone until you can or will, for they will surely sting another and another, as long as they are allowed to live!!!

We Teach; Every word that proceeds out of our mouths, as well, every thought conceived in our heads, is bound by a bond, which is subordinated by life.

We Teach; Everything and anything that comes out of the physical is subjected and due to be shown and proved.

We Teach; Those before us are Great (!!!) and those who succeed the Great are Greater!!! The Great are constantly getting greater, focusing on the Greatest (The Child Star of Life, a.k.a Seeds, Babies)

We Teach; The Devil is no more powerful than we’ve allowed and continue to allow. They have always sought the demise of the Original, by any mean as necessary, and they still do, each and every day, in countless ways!!!

We Teach; Our lessons are nothing more than a foundation. There is SO much more after Pluto! (Pluto is 3,680,000,000 miles from the Sun)

We Teach; ALL, in one way or another, derives from, or through, as well because of, the Original.

We Teach; The memorization requirement and verbal expression of one hundred and twenty degrees, 120 a.k.a. Allah’s Truth, is nothing more than 1/3 of our teachings, leaving a remainder and requirement of 2/3 (120 Knowledge +120 Wisdom+ 120 Understanding = 360° Understanding the Equality of thee Cipher.)

We Teach; Our national title, as of 1970(15,056), is the Nation of Gods & Earths, NOT the Nation of Islam.

We Teach; Who we are and what we are, is older than the Sun, Moon and Stars and as such, we have no birth record.

We Teach; The Nation of Gods and Earths is our a way of life, not a RELIGION and not a GANG!!!

We Teach; Pork, swine and the wrong foods are more than that which stems from the short legs, cloven hooves, bristly hair and cartilaginous snout beast.

We Teach; We, the civilized, have an obligation to teach, NOT just some, but ALL human families of the planet Earth.

We Teach; There are two kind of people on the planet Earth; Original People and Colored People. Either/or. No in-between!!!

We Teach; The Father was and is The Father by Attribute and deed, NOT our Daddy!!! We are Greater than he, as those after us, shall be even Greater!!!

We Teach; Jesus and Moses (Musa), are two of our many righteous brothers who came before us, and their teachings were not Christianity, rather freedom, justice and equality.

We Teach; In order for something or someone to be Holy, it or they can’t be mixed, diluted or tampered with in any form.

We Teach; The prophets have been unable to reform the devil, though we (The Original) can, we won’t!!! Instead we decided to channel such energy and capability where more is required and needed (Building our Nation!!!), and exterminating them whose mental and physical powers are less than 1/3 of that of the original; those who number one to every eleven original people.

We Teach; Truth comes in various forms, countless avenues and many vehicles.

We Teach; The Earth is the home of the human race, which is why of all planets recognized, as well not recognized, we know the diameter, circumference, weight, speed and square inches of such, unlike the rest of the planets (i.e. Mercury, Venus, Pluto, etc.. ).

We Teach; ALL thee above, as well ALL below is caused by Allah (God), in one way or another.

We Teach; The Original Man is by nature God, King, Ruler, He, Master, Savior, and symbolic to the S-U-N.

We Teach; The Original Woman is by nature Queen, Mother of Civilization, her and symbolic to the Earth, as well referred to as “Earth”. For Earth she is, and shall forever be!!!

We Teach; Those who tend to take things on face-value are the 85%, not the 5%.

We Teach; We the 5% here on the poor part of the planet Earth are aware of the teachings of the 10%, and believe not in such!!!

We Teach; The 5% here on the poor part of the planet Earth, teach that the true and living God is Allah!!!NO MYSTERY!!! Such is known and taught by us.

We Teach; Death is a reality and an experience that is not just physical, but as well, possible in other fashions and manners.

We Teach; Every 85% Will Not Be 5%,
Every 5% Will Not Be God
Every God Will Not Be Allah.
MANY Shall Come, ONLY Few shall be CHOSEN!!!
Those who are chosen WILL choose themselves.

We Teach; What is, always will be!!!
What is NOT, will NEVER BE!!!

We Teach; The constitution of CIVILIZATION is one having knowledge, wisdom, understanding, culture and refinement, and IS NOT a savage in the pursuit of happiness.

We Teach; The civilized MUST teach he or her who lacks, or possess not, CIVILIZATION; Teaching he or her CIVILIZATION, RIGHTEOUSNESS, the KNOWLEDGE OF SELF, the SCIENCE OF EVERYTHING IN LIFE, LOVE, PEACE, and HAPPINESS, as such is subjected and enforced by law( Prescribed Law ).

We Teach; There are several physical manifestations responsible for negative creations and realities, but have and can only do so by the allowing of Allah!!!

We Teach; Knowledge is INFINITE (!!!) and one should seek it from the cradle to the grave, from the womb to the tomb, from the day you check in, until the day you check out.

Ans… Access, possession and ownership of the 12 Jewels Of Islam (i.e. Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Food, Clothing, Shelter, Love, Peace & Happiness) in more than one way!!!

Made Manifest; Application Latik Seymou Allah (15,098)

*Note: Keep always and forever in mind; never, ever forget that our Brother, the Man who lived out and we commonly referred to as Father Allah was MURDERED( 6/13/69( Rest In Power!!!)) for teaching less, so imagine what those MURDERS(Devils) will do to you for teaching more!?!?!? Hmmmmmm? Also, there are other teachings NOT mentioned in this lesson.
A-B-C! Teach On! & PEACE!!!

*Note: If there are any add on’s, you are welcome to contact me at culture,cipher,culture,wisdom,God,knowledge,power,cipher,knowledge,knowledge. For I welcome any and all builds, and we can/will build…

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