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    More Marvin X
    Marvin X Table

    Books by Marvin X

    Love and War: Poems / In the Crazy House Called America / Woman: Man's Best Friend / Beyond Religion Toward Spirituality

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    Marvin X—born Marvin Ellis Jackmon on May 29, 1944 in Fowler, California—attended Fresno at Edison High, Oakland City College (now Merritt College) receiving an associate degree in 1964. Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, the founders of the Black Panther Party, were fellow students at Oakland City College. Marvin also received a BA and MA in English at San Francisco State College (now San Francisco State University). More

    Chronology of Marvin X (El Muhajir ) Marvin X Bio Bibliography of Marvin X

    * * * * *


    Am I Black, Am I White?

    Beloved Black Poet Determined to Fight New Jersey

    Black Bourgeoisie Defend

    Black Reconstruction Week Two

    Black Reconstruction #7

    Black Scholars in Crisis?

    The Complexity of Iraq

    Dr. Yusef Bey Transcends

    Essays from Beyond Religion, Toward Spirituality (review)

    Nature and Spirituality Language and Spirituality Sectarianism and Spirituality Ancestors and Spirituality Love and Spirituality

    Death and Spirituality Prison and Spirituality Pimpin and Spirituality Partner Violence and Spirituality Global Violence and Spirituality

    Technology and Spirituality Street Violence and Spirituality Rap and Spirituality Future and Spirituality Teacher and Spirituality

    Myth and Spirituality Toward A Radical Spirituality Militant and Spirituality

    Farrakhan's Final Call

    Foreword to How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy (Nathan Hare)

    How To Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy

    How to Stop Killing

    Islam Needs a Martin Luther

    Land of My Daughters

    London Bridges Falling Down (Responses)

    Manifesto of The University of Poetry

    Marvin X: A Critical Look at the Father of Muslim American Literature (planned book)

    Introduction Dedication Contents The Contributors Bibliography of Marvin X Marvin X Gives Barefoot Lecture on Radical Spirituality

    The Meaning of Black Reconstruction

    Negro Psychosexuality in the Post Crack Society

    ****** Please

    Of Men Beast, Ancestors and Nature

    Open Letter to Dr. Hussein Shahristani

    The Pain of Violence and Death In the Hood

    The Politics of Life and Death (on Shani Baraka's death)

    Colin Powell

    Report: BAM Conference

    The San Francisco Anti-War March

    Toward A Radical Spirituality

    Understanding London A Review of My Son The Fanatic

    VIP ******* and Rape

    Welcome to Mexi-Cali Poem & Creative Essay

    When Jazz Ain't Jazz (performance review)

    Why I Talk with Cows

    Why We Hate Marvin X by Anonymous X

    ChickenBones Poetry Book 2005
    Land of My Daughters

    Poems 1995-2005

    by Marvin X

    Reviewed by Rudolph Lewis


    Interview with Ed Bullins


    A Drunkard in Denial

    At Fitnah

    How To Love A Thinking Man (poem)

    How to Love a Thinking Woman (poem)

    I Thought (poem)

    The News Ain't News


    Remembering Shani Baraka When Parents Bury Children

    Tom Feelings

    We're in Love, But You Don't Know Me

    What if there was no God but God

    When I Think About the Women in My Life

    Where's Fats Domino

    White Power


    Barefoot Lecture on Radical Spirituality History and Spirituality

    Book & Screening Tour

    Boy Steals Show At Marvin X Concert

    Book Tour 2002

    Book Tour Report 2005


    Holiday Discount: FOUR BOOKS BY MARVIN X

    Marvin X Reports on East Coast Tour, 2007

    Marvin X Returns to the Fillmore

    Marvin X Rocks Crowd At Oakland's Malcolm X Jazz Festival

    Marvin X Show Coming Home

    Notes on the Journal of Black Poetry Festival

    Reports on East Coast Tour

    The Tenderloin Book Fair


    Africa or America On Cecil Brown's Hey, Dude, Where's My Black Studies Department

    Akeelah and the Bee (film)

    America Is Still the Place (Charlie Walker)

    Ayodele Nzina Reviews Essays on Consciousness by Marvin X

    Barefoot Lecture

    Beyond Religion toward Spirituality ( (Ayodele Nzinga review)

    Crazy House Called America Crazy House Contents Crazy House Introduction (Suzzette Celeste Johnson)

    Gospel of the Game (Film directed by Rosebud Bitterdose)

    How to Find and Keep A BMW (Book by Julia Hare)

    Land of My Daughters (Review by Rudolph Lewis)

    Maangamizi (the Ancient One) (film review)

    Marvin X as Plato

    Marvin X Offers a Healing Peek into His Psyche (Junious Ricardo Stanton)

    My Son The Fanatic (film)

    Nothing But the Truth, as Told by Marvin X (By Nathan Hare)

    Protest of Artist as Revolutionary (film)

    The Pursuit of Happyness (film review)

    Somebody Blew Up America (By Amiri Baraka)

    Toward A Radical Spirituality

    Marvin X Unplugged -- An Interview (Lee Hubbard)

    Wish I Could Tell You the Truth (Review by Rudolph Lewis)

    Wounded inn the House of A Friend (Poems by Sonia Sanchez)

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    The Poetry of Don L. Lee

    The Problem of "Settling"

    Report: HU BAM Conference (Marvin X)

    Response to Shaquille O’Neal

    The Revolutionary Theatre

    Somebody Blew Up America (poem)

    Status and Standard Language

    Tenderloin Report

    Toward a Feminist Theology

    To White Women Who Think

    White Anti-Racist is an Oxymoron

    * * * * *

    Marvin X has given permission to Harvard University to publish his poem "For El Haji Rasul Taifa" from Love and War: Poems by Marvin X (1995). The poem will appear in The Encyclopedia of Islam in America Volume II, Greenwood Press, edited by Dr. Jocelyne Cesari of Harvard's Islam in the West Program. Mr. X is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology Muslim American Literature, University of Arkansas Press, edited by Dr. Mojah Khaf. He is also in the forthcoming Muslim American Drama, Temple University.