Pan Africanism : More Kids May Benefit from Reduced Lunch Program Next School Year

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    Action Alert
    Elimination of Reduced Price Meal Category
    Child Nutrition Reauthorization

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    The American School Food Service Association and friends of child nutrition are taking a proactive role in Child Nutrition Reauthorization. A primary focus of ASFSA is the elimination of the reduced price category for school meals. This change to current law would result in children from households with incomes up to 185% of the poverty line being provided school lunch and breakfast at no charge (as is currently done in the WIC program.) This will have an important impact on working families who cannot afford the current reduced price charge. Ask your senator to co-sponsor S. 1549, Senator Elizabeth Dole's (R NC) bill that would improve access to school meals by gradually eliminating the reduced price meal category over a five year period. Senator Pat Robert (R KS) is a co-sponsor of the bill. Send an email now to your Senators asking them to join as additional co-sponsors. Please personalize your letter with your own story of why elimination of the reduced price meal category is critical. Enter your zip code in the box to begin.

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    this action alert is intended to be shared, they are looking for people to share stories of why they support such legislation.