Black Spirituality Religion : More Information on those "Black Doves"

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    Title: "Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled" - Volume II

    The author of "Anacalypsis" Godfrey Higgins admits the ignorance of the Greeks in their attempt to name and claim what they neither created nor understood. From my copy of "Mami Wata: Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled, Volume 2" Mama Zogbe (eg. Vivian Hunter-Hindrew) is quoted as saying:

    [​IMG]...Page 659

    Mami Wata" Africa's Ancient God/dess Unveiled, Vol 2
    "...After Christianity became the defining symbol of the European world order, these African deities were replaced with "classical" Euro-renderings, which is the official form passed down to the world today, masking as the historic originals. Such is the concern of western patriarchs of a re-emergence of the great African god/desses in the New World..."

    I traced her reference of "Anacalypsis" to the 'Black Doves" this is what I found:

    Page 502
    Anacalypsis (Volume 1 or 2, Part 2 of 2)
    London: Rees, Orme, Brown, Green, and Logman, Paternoster Row (1836)
    Godfrey Higgins, Esq.

    "...The Meneindae, or the priests of Menes, were said to have been changed into doves, because says, Mr. Bryant, they were Ionian. Here is a remarkable proof of the ignorance of the Greeks. They found the priests to be Ionian--that is, the Hebrew plural of Ioni --or the followers of the Ioni, which had the meaning of dove, as we have seen.

    This they understood, but not understanding the other meaning, vix. the sectarian terru, they had no alternative but to make them doves, and Doves of Peleiades they made them. The priestesses of Dodona were Ioni-ans, but not, as Hesychius calls them, Greek doves; nor were they, as Servius described them, Chaonian Doves. Herdotus has informed us what this means: he says they were black women, who came from Egypt.

    Where they came from is not now the question, but I dare say they were black women, Ionian, followers of the black queen of Heaven --Pythonesses, of Sibyls, perhaps --Asiatic Ionian--Ionians. But it seems that he did not understand the whole of the matter, for he says, he supposes these black women were foreigers, because they were called doves --a reason foolish enough. This explains all the difficulties about the priestesses being doves of the different temples.

    From the Sibylline oracles I learn that the Dove sent out by Noah was black. The mysticism of this black dove is pretty clear. I have seen very dark-coloured by never a raven-black dove. The dove was the only bird offered in sacrifice by the Jews..."