Black People : More Damage than You Can Imagine

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    If you think global warming is something that will happen in the future think again.
    CorpWatch : Alaska: Warming is Disturbing Preview of What's to Come, Scientists Say

    According to this article the damage caused by warm temperatures in Alaska is already enormous. Although they know it's the burning of fossil fuels that's causing the warming they are going to pay $170 thousand for the oil companies to rewrite the rules that protect the tundra by requiring them to only explore for oil when the ice is one foot thick.

    But we can't dismiss these people as idiots. Remember they are white people and they know exactly what they are doing. Although whites have been exposed to warm climates for thousands of years their skin continues to burn. They have not adapted to the temperatures that are welcoming to the resst of nature. By melting the glaciers in the arctic they may actually trigger abother ice age that will be more hospitable to them.

    What could happen is the cold water running off the glaciers will chill the warm water of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans.Read here
    for a fuller explanation of how global warming can lead to an ice age.

    This may be their plan but the longterm efects could be more than they bargained for. You can't conquer nature. They are worried about the spruce bark beetle killing the trees in Alaska. But what about the Aryan caucasoid beetles that kill everything they see? Also fresh water from the glaciers could upset the flow of rivers into the ocean leading to unpredictable ecological chain reactions.