Law Forum : More CIA Dirty Tricks & NYSP Cries Foul

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    Shahed Hussain: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    FBI informant Shahed Hussain, who helped to send many people to federal lockups to stay out of prison himself, is the owner of Prestige Limo and has a shady back story.

    Can't arrest daddy because he's "supposed" to be a well paid protected FBI informant "which is the lie of all lies". The FBI doesn't have that kind of juice but officially the FBI/NYC SAC is ordered to tell the NYSP to get lost and go do what they do best, go write some speeding tickets on I-87 so what does NYSP do? They arrest the son. But lets go back to ancient history of who is really protecting Shahed Hussain. Seems he was recruited by guess who? Yes, the inimitable idiot savants. The C.I.A. and their worthless partners in geopolitical crime, yes again. The U.S. State Department. His specialty? Political homicide. Now word in Hudson Valley law enforcement circles is daddy got a heads up call about the crash from some building on 200 McCarty Avenue in Albany, he gets a limo ride in one of his own crapboxes to KALB, then gets a seat on AEA a sub of AA to KDCA where he is whisked to 1000 Colonial Farm Road, zip 22101 then escorted to KLFI, strapped into something with no tail number but it's parent agency's aviation operations initials are INL. destination: OPKC. Well now there are 13 useless DOJ subpoenas that will never be executed. 12 Russian and 1 Pakistani.

    Epilogue: Consider this. The one true dictum and the only true dictum on that fantasy of a TV show "Madam Secretary" is the fact that the Secretary of State who is in charge of The U.S. Department of State only carries out the will of the President of the United States or with the assistance of the CIA, DIA, NSA, NRO or any combination of the US Military SOG or JSOG units enforces foreign policy when diplomacy fails or becomes untenable as set forth by the president usually with the advice of the JCS and/or the SecDef.

    End run: Shahed Hussain started his lucrative employment with the CIA in the year of our Lord, two thousand and seven. Guess who was the president of The United States of America?


    Yes you guessed it: Richard "Dickhead" Cheney. Georgie Porgie was just the puppet.


    Remember this?