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Feb 26, 2013
Why not wear the natural hair we were given? Sure it can be hard to manage if you lack the experience with your own texture, but nothing too fancy needs to be done anyhow, but a modest style goes a long way.

I mean, when some relax their hair, there are many who only wear a few selective style anyway, so not being natural seems to have little to do with versatility like some believe.

I believe it's more to do with managing, like many have stated. Less struggling to get the comb and brush through, but all should make sure they have the proper combs and brushes since they are not all the same; and sometimes using different combing techniques helps a bunch also.

Such as for me, wiggling the comb through from the roots to the tips on wet or conditioned hair with an afro pick, somewhat slowly. Then, once there are less tangles and knots, I can comb through it very swiftly without anything getting caught or snagged!

But then, some have likely already tried. XD


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Oct 15, 2005
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Hi...and a few years ago, I sat and watched a stylist use that comb-wiggling technique on a little girl's napptural hair--right after she'd given her a wash and condition. Super tiny curls (napps), good and tangled up. The stylist sprayed something on that child's hair (could have been water only--I didn't ask), but whatever she sprayed, she then worked it in real good with her fingers (scalp to ends), parted one quarter of her hair with a wide-tooth comb, and then just began to methodically, carefully wiggle a narrower-toothed comb through the child's hair.

Only this stylist began from the little girl's afro puff *tips* downward toward her scalp (and not from her roots upwards).

No hair snapping. No breakage, and baby girl didn't cringe or nothing, so I could tell it didn't hurt at all.

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