Black Poetry : Moratorium on Hollywood police uniforms

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    Moratorium on Hollywood police uniform roles
    By Andre Austin
    Dear Hollywood’s Black actors and actresses; cast your lots (Proverbs 18:18)
    Dear Brothers and sisters we in dire need of a boycott
    Of dressing up as coons and cops shooting us dead for cemetery plots
    Of a ten-year period until police stop placing Knots
    All upside down and around on African Heads
    Police Remember the Alamo through movie scripts they Read
    While the Blacks read all the transcript Remembering Fort Pillow's dead
    And its Arch Vilian Forrest Gumpy is named after giving us no Quarter (loddings for surrender prisoners)
    Because blacks lives didn't matter not worth a dime of blood splater
    From its genesis Nat Forrest, the Architech and brainchild of the KKK
    Who all mergerd with the paddyrollers, our modern police force up to this day
    Our Civil war verterans had their hands raised but like before and today they shoot
    Now they got us on the Hill (heel) of the boot
    Now the Tables have taken a turn
    We got the fools shooting cops and repeating history of "burn, baby burn"
    Ice T they took the Cop-Killer
    Put him in a special crimes unit for a sexual Thriller
    Ice Cube NWA recall “ the police” put him in a Miami Vice
    Book-Em on up Bounty hunter now ain’t that Nice
    I saw no more flat feets on stage until Community police can get along
    Until then no more “Ride Alongs”
    LL, I say no more N.C.I. S
    Until we Get the P.I.G. S.
    P. Pause All
    I. Ivory hands
    G. From Game-man-ship
    S. of Shooting us down like Dogs
    You too Denzel, no more Ricochet or Training days
    Until the Police Academy trains their Cadets how to pray
    For the black youth who need jobs, not chains and Hand-cuffs
    We are not broken candlesticks getting the snuff
    We want our lives to live on, with our oil lights to shine
    We avoid foolishness least we die before our Time (Ecclesiastes 7:17)
    Not Bread & Wine
    Not Bread & Wine
    Your Cross is my Cross
    Heavy is yours as well as Mine
    Blessed are the peacemakers who get the violent ones to cease
    You can’t be righteous without keeping the peace (Matthew 5: 9-10)
    Everybody should get a piece of the action that’s whats fair
    Until God takes away his lawful share (Rev 22:21)
    I’m talking about the life from the tree
    Until we get ten years of reform a boycott/moratorium should BE
    We supposed to be Free
    So why I’m I under the finger of his Trigger
    Like Ice Cube said in Heaven they wont call me a Ni.g.g.e...r