Black Spirituality Religion : Moral Relativism: Why you can't have your cake and eat it too.

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    In moral debate in the United States today, many people resort to moral relativism. They argue that there are no objective moral values which help us to determine what is right or wrong. They claim "everything is relative." In order to defend this position, the relativist puts forth two arguments: (1) Since people and cultures disagree about morality, there are no objective moral values; (2) Moral relativism leads to tolerance of practices we may find different or odd. These two arguments are seriously flawed.
    -Francis J. Beckwith ( )

    This writer's sentiment would sum up my own thoughts on the subject of moral decay and the exploitation of the concept of "freedom". In fact, if we didnt live in such a morally bankrupt and instutionally racist nation, I would willfully concede to a reduction in freedoms, as most people use freedom to ENSLAVE themselves and not to open themselves to options. How so?

    Contemporary man is currently arguing all of the following on the basis of "freedom" and "right is relative arguements"

    1) legalization of drugs known to addict, kill, dull or destroy intelligence.

    2) long legalized sale of tobacco that contains bleach, ammonia, fiberglass and carcigens. (sp)

    3) whether a fetus is a life, although it undoubtly leads to life.

    4) whether a capital punishment should exist in a nation that obviously incarcerates in a manner bias to race and victims of domestic violence that fight back.

    5) corporal punishment's place in homes and cities that are increasingly violent thanks to movies and music that we still assert are only "entertainment" although every psychologist and research study says otherwise.

    6) promoting advanced exposure to nudity, violence and greed by gradually easing censorship requirements each year in music, film, tv and print media.

    7) promoting increased mining, stripping, logging, farming, harvesting and extraction of various natural resources when all indicators say that it will ultimately destroy the planet.

    now each of these situations, the supporter decrys "if you dont like it, dont view, buy it or read it." although its clear that if YOU view, buy it or read it, eventually you force it on me, use it on me, judge me by it or hurt me as a result of it. so how does not speaking out, not boycotting, not judging these amoral behaviors help me? they dont.

    there is no nuetrality in no speaking up or not taking a stand. you are in de facto saying "i support the destruction of civilization"

    in religion, we suffer from moral relativism too.

    1) we accept gays in religions that obviously bar homosexuality. for fear of being called homophobiac, or worst yet because we dont believe God will protect us in litigation if we fight for our religious beliefs.

    2) we pretend that lifelong celibacy can be achieved in religions and cultures that dont teach a spiritual and SCIENTIFIC method of celibacy.

    3) we pretend that pedophiles and gays arent joining certain religious communities as a means of running away from their "disease" - and forcing us to accept them in other roles of leadership that we traditionally feel uncomfortable questioning. (if i am priest they will have to respect me.)

    4) loosening religious tenants to abide by manmade law, contemporary desires etc..

    Short Manifesto:

    - stop the proliferation of gays in black congregations. its against everything that we believe culturally.

    - stop purchasing ******** music that glorifies, teachs and supports drug dealers, gangbanging and sexual stupdity.

    - stop changing our moral code just to appease white people.

    - stop killing our unborn babies.

    - stop having sex outside of relationships.

    - stop being pitiful consumers. start being producers.

    - sacrifice some creature comforts to slow down the pollution of the earth.

    - fight against capital punishment.

    - say no to all drugs. take the war on drugs into our own hands.

    - stop supporting entertainers that use drug money to fund their businesses or use music just as a way to stop selling dope. (and not because selling dope is wrong!)

    take a stand. right is not relative.
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    SMH! I am appalled that this topic has over 360 views and not one single response!

    And you said a mouthful!

    I bow to your stances and your convictions! :bowdown:

    You're a brother with some backbone and I can only respect that!
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    Right is DEFINITELY relative!

    I support capital punishment...those who can not an will not be rehabilitated DESERVE DEATH not free housing and meals paid for by ME AND YOU.

    I understand that the justice system is biased and we are victims of it...but it can be fixed too...SUPPORT THE INTRODUCTION OF LIE DETECTORS INTO EVIDENCE...That is the RIGHT thing to do!

    Selling drugs(some drugs) is no different than selling alcohol. If they legalized weed would that changed your view of those selling it? The number of deaths and violence caused by alcohol DWARFS the number caused by weed, yet because THEY say it is "illegal" to sell weed all, of a sudden WE are branded "drug dealers". Get out of here!

    I am not sure what music is being bought that TEACHES kids to sell drugs or gangbang. Sexual Healing, Many of Princes songs, many of Rick James songs, and too many others to name ALL GLORIFY SEX. This is not new...stop using Hip-Hop as a scapegoat because we are not raising our children.

    The others I agree with.