Black Poetry : Mopping Up

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    Mopping Up

    Have a phenomenon in my vicinity the common enemy
    Trying to take over this great soldier and the only remedy
    Is an interrogation, look went to the club and hate there’s
    a fine line between love and hate how do I erase it where
    do I go? See a girl with brown round butt guess that’s love
    but she’s with her boyfriend **** that’s hate I wanna hug
    her, look family tradition is more loose but ambition is a poor
    excuse to become a workaholic and end up at Burger king hardcore
    flipping beef patties using brief strategies trying to go home early
    “a whopper to go please with extra pickles “ I’m tickle my hair curly
    The episode played in those days craved for lyrics just to pay respect
    To the brave spirits I can hear it from slaves standing here as I connect
    With the graves, look into the great sky stakes were high a dragons flew
    With their mouth filled with fire folks thrilled and admire that crew
    Been a fool while in school I worry teachers like small furry creatures
    Such as mouse and rats at my house listen to phat music which features
    Rick James and Tina Marie I had a lot of fire and desire and my empire
    Require girls so I can love them and leave them RICK AND TINA (RIP ADMIRE)
    You two song is a great classic, look when we talking slang and things that hang
    In the sky bricks don’t in crazy words maybe birds can, for breakfast drink Tang
    Was the birth of the earth then man was created, related to all the animals dang
    Folks say it was a bad move, we’re in a sad groove because of all the feeble
    Evil man started yeah Adam and his Madam put us in a bind for eating illegal
    Fruit just because a fake snake brainwashed Eve and ADAM was ***** whipped