Black People : Money and power...

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    The tool in any necessity that isn't allowed to flow in and right back out through the Divine portals of one's very soul mirroring mind, and thus comes to be literally worshipped is the tool that will slowly do the opposite of build. And all starting from within... I do say, the now ancient mis-education in money and the illusion in its "divine" power, when literally worshipped...... When all is or comes to be wrong, some-thing(s) is totally backwards; and to see straight through once and again then very simply reverse "the reversed", that also breaks the balance. No necessity is truly designed into being a curse that in return stains the mind, and therefore never goes anywhere from the forever in one's internal records that are forever recorded. Thus causing one to "define time", the time that they may forever be trapped within for worshipping a mere tool in necessity itself. All is a servant of the doer of all, and no servant, which includes the "masters" of mind, is to be worshipped because then you "no longer" co-exist with the doer of all. Money truly represents the child-like mind that conceived it, printed it and gave it "power"... And nothing more, which is also how the slave and/or his/her very "master" is openly revealed through the performing display for all eyes to see. As eye see that this is how the minstrel show in "the *****" (through racism), the silly mind-controlled whore (through sexism) and the bent down low pheasant (through classism) came to be..."defined". By their very "god"......... Kevin D. Ervin 2008 c.