Black Poetry : monday evening thoughts

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    Somewhere between paradise and diaster

    My intellect cannot be defined or confined to a few meager lines

    Or captured in snapshots of the vernacular articulated in passing

    For as I matriculate between cultural dimensions and indentations

    I assimilate into the setting, plot, mood and tone of the scene

    Not as a chameleon dying to be camouflaged to the backdrop

    But one who excels and thrives no matter the environment

    Learning that every space unfortunately requires a new face

    Mask interchanged in rapid succession to escape oppression

    Knowing that my native tongue is only to be spoken intimately

    For it was lost in the waves of the ocean in the middle passage

    Or left amidst the trees refusing to be captured and mocked

    My lingo and dialect escaped without me to the jungle leaves

    Now I can only carry traces as silent remnants of a time passed

    For I’ve lost comprehension of the true depth of its discourse

    Although my soul yearns to again swing free as the chimpanzee

    Or roam as free as the zebras and gazelles upon the prairie

    However I have been marginalized to the monkey parade

    Waiting on a revolution that is televised but not actualized

    Carried and hash-tagged in catchy phrases that speak volumes

    Yet are shallow coming from the technology savvy rebels

    That rage against the machine but refuse to look within

    Even going as far as to holding the knife to its own backside

    Screaming for change but continuing to color in the lines

    Hiding in plain sight the wealth of the African mines