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    Met somebody-his is a beauty, very special (DJ could you, could you possibly rewind that)
    As I reminisce and share this spoken words
    Cloudiness with elevated intra- ocular pressure was the most descriptive way I can simply describe my visual acuity as I stepped into this scenery called the hall of fame
    The hall of shame
    Where one’s character is judged based on the utilization of their body kinetics
    The moment I noticed some clarity in my vision
    I saw a reflection that is truly a sight to behold
    Hello you look familiar, what’s your name?
    These were the first words that escaped my lips
    Tryna to vibe and listen to this mahogany brown suga
    To see if he fits the glass saga criteria
    Girrllllll he looks like the type that will to talk about some past missions
    Missions of Mumia, reparation, and stolen legacy
    Visual clarity was intact but some acoustic distortion blurred my words to his ear canal
    So I repeated my self—you look familiar—what’s your name?
    As I welcomed his presence
    With my smile radiating to fulfill your curious essence
    See his presence became my focus as his aroma stimulated my provocative thoughts concurrently
    We moved seductively on the dance floor, the additive effects our body kinetics gave rise to my urge to desire
    See this is a street car name desire
    Desire, desire, I’m on fire
    We became the hall of fame
    As everyone became attentive to take notes on a classic exhibition of allure at 451ºF
    The time ticked, ticked, ticked...
    We were finally incorporate hours later
    As I became him and he became I
    Together we submerged that lust to…
    Alright, okay we submerged that urge to ****
    We sealed the need to chill
    We sublimed in peace
    As he continuously fulfilled my orifice with ensure
    Hmm yeah for sure I was on point until hydration became an issue so we became conversant
    We were mentally stimulated with words
    We spoke for hours as we explored each other’s destination
    I became him and he became us
    Again the saga continues...
    But I’ll let ya anticipate the rest…
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    so well spoken .....u tell it str8 open da gates up wide