Black Short Stories : Mom knows best.

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    True story...this actually happened last night :[ (Im going to use different names though)

    It took years to convince my mom to let me go ANYWHERE with my friends. Yesterday was the last day of school, and there was a big party going on at a nightclub for all students. After a week I finally convinced her.

    Kiana: Mom!! We need to leave now!! Im gonna have to wait in line if we get there after 10. Ughhh!!

    Mom: Okay get the keys, let’s go.

    -We pulled up to the club after picking up my best friend nicky. My mom was beginning to question her decision about letting me go when we saw "kids" who looked, smoked, and drank like grown men and women. Girls only wore bathing suits (foam party) and everyone was already rowdy. Before she could change her mind, I jumped out of the car and yelled "Bye!" after quickly kissing her cheek.

    Mom: Be safe!
    Kiana and Nicky: Okay!

    -We waited in the line for about 5 minutes before we spotted some good friends at the front of the line. We joined them, and were in the club 5 minutes later. The smell of weed and black and milds filled our lungs and the foam drenched our feet. We quickly got into the swing of things. Dancing with anyone we could. Years of being locked in our houses fueled our hearts. Looking around, everything looked like a big orgy. It was amazing, everyone was just having fun!

    My phone began to vibrate and i read the text message.

    Mom: "There's a big fight out here, are you inside?"
    Jai: Yes, we're fine.
    Mom: OK, but I’m picking you up at 12.

    I was upset because that meant I would only have an hour and a half of fun. That made things even crazier. I began to dance to every song, I even danced with my boyfriend while he was dancing with another girl.
    When the popular song "beat that p***y down" came on, my boyfriend removed his shirt and watched me intensely I began to grind on him, I was having fun and I didn’t care what people thought. After a minute everyone else went back to dancing. Being so close to boyfriend for the first time in weeks, made me hot in ways I can’t explain. The heat of the moment turned icy when I received another text.

    Mom: Come outside, Im here.

    Feeling upset, I grabbed my shoes and went outside without telling my friends I was leaving. My head was hurting and I could feel my heart beating in my ears. I got in the car and complained about leaving so early all the way home.

    I went to sleep angry at the world because my mom still insisted on leaving every party at 12.

    The next morning I woke up to 7 text messages. All of which were frantic, asking where I was and if I was safe.
    I later found out that a young girl was shot and killed in a drive-by a little while after I left. My friends were traumatized because they were right behind the girl when she was shot. Apparently the fight that occurred outside of the club earlier had gotten out of hand. The girl was shot by accident when the gang missed their target.
    I guess my mom was and has always been right when she says "no bullet has a name on it, if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time..things happen."

    I have decided that I will not go to anymore clubs in this area, I will watch who I hang with, and I will ALWAYS listen to my mother.

    -R.i.p Babygirl-
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    awe wow!!!
    by the way welcome to short stories
    it was a pleasure reading you in da mist of reality
    thankz for sharing the story with us essence-x