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Jun 6, 2017
Most modern writers lack the skill and drive to possess our minds for very long. I want to be driven to think and having done so, realize another step in my life's dream

EmilyDickinson is one of my favorite writers as is Walt Whitman, different yet both tough the inner soul so resolutely

Hard to believe, but men at war like to remember their loves.
As real as war and death are to a soldier; quiet moments in the trenches with a picture of a love is just as compelling and real!

He speaks well of sharing life as a soldier not just an officer. But the plain bread and salt too.

Can't fault Kipling, reading him is like drinking spring water!

A sharing of reality from within
And without a poet’s being,
Resulting in traditional, modern,
Post- modern, avant-garde
Or prose formation…

Perhaps, in the future
It will be experienced
Without words? For
As defined poetry
Is more than words, or
Their rhythm, or their rhyme.

D.H. Lawrence described it
As: "Life springing itself
Into utterance from its
Very wellhead".

Another poet Coleridge
Referred to it as " the infinite
I AM reverberating in
The imagination".

And a French writer, Bremond,
Suggested that poets conceive
The germ of a poem in a

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