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Jan 11, 2008
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What is the Tavistock Institute and what role does it play in our everday lives, if any? Well essentially the Tavistock Institute is a leader in social engineering or social control. According to Jim Keith in his book Mass Control: Engineering Human Consciousness, Tavistock is and has been funded by the Rockefellers, Carnegies, British Home Office and other anonymous funders. Previous 1947 the year of it's official formal incorporation, the Institute began as
"a collaborative effort of British military intelligence and the psychiatric establishment, ... in 1921 reportedly on the orders of members of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (also known as the Chatham House). The RIIA is an arm of the British Rhodes Round Table group, founded by British imperialist and Freemason Cecil Rhodes. (p.30, Keith).
Current initiatives include the Leicester Conference for 2009, which is an annual event dedicated to developing leadership and management capabilities; which on the surface seems dull and boring, even mundane, but it is surely more than that. Approximately 50-70 people attend this conference and "learn through experience about group, organisational and social dynamics and the exercise of authority and power."

One of the dynamics of this experience is the use of a model called T-Groups. T-Groups is a term and model pioneered by Kurt Lewin. The T-group sets out to study itself, expose human behavior and analyse it. For a better understanding on this see

One of Lewin's most important findings on group dynamics as it pertains to the destiny of the Black race emerges in this quote:
t is not similarity or dissimilarity of individuals that constitutes a group, but rather interdependence of fate. Any normal group, and certainly any developed and organized one contains and should contain individuals of very different character…. a person who has learned to see how much his own fate depends upon the fate of his entire group will ready and even eager to take over a fair share of responsibility for its welfare."

As Brother Keita poignantly wrote in his thread about "We Are All Victims of Laws Known and Unknown: in our case the only thing we have in common is that we are black....because we don't even all view the experience of slavery the as I said, we are all black...and to keep it real we don't even view that the same. So yes, this forum reflects America in that respect."

But I have digressed from the initial introduction into Tavistock, so let me return there.
Tavistock when googled seems to bring up the most contemporary documentation ranging from labour relations in Canada, to controversial NWO conspiracy accusations. Which include but are not limited to the use of "Future Shock" and the ability to induce trauma into the masses, preparing the mind for new programming, hypnosis, radio wave frequency to induce prescribed emotional states responses, and experiments on civilians and government personnel. Tavistock has been accused of participating if not setting up the populace for drug dependency, family structure insecurity or insolvency to a host of other most disturbing situations.
Amongst the known collaborators are the CIA, MKULTRA Project, National Training Labs, Merle Thomas Corporation, The Heritage Foundation, The Round Table, The European Commission, to name but a few....

The library archive provided by the Institute has a rather interesing "good reading" section and DVD library.

Either way, the work this Institute does and the known collaborators makes it a name worth knowing.



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