Black Relationships : Modern Marriage Has Failed Relationships! Pt.2

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    Jul 22, 2012
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    Modern So Called Marriage institutions are joke! They are so fake it is like automatic,robotic machine! For example, how many brother and sisters will allow their life partner to ease or take time , while staying home looking for income ! I doubt not so many! Being a man or women is not so much a physical thing, but indeed a principle that need to be complemented through out our-lives. A women may posses wisdom of courage in life situations, for instance. A man my show stagnation or setback in life situation, on the other-hand. The Key here is, how can both can climb this steep hill called life's challenges! From my understanding, the more we focus on the external problems in life the more we will loose in contact with our spiritual self. Life is full of drama and full of unexpected challenges, which will brings us to family and relationship! Today most relationship problems are some how tied up with money! A man has certain expectation a women has certain expectation! Living in a highly competitive society life also could be tough for all of us! But I tell Folks, There is away to get out of this trap. The first principle is to get back to true spirituality. I don't want to over bore you with all the worldly issues. Gladly though,we can do this by starting to open our loving heart and start to understand the basic principle that makes all of us lough,cry,love and enjoy our-lives. We do not want to be the victim of the world! The world as you know it is full of drama, movie flicks.! Unfortunately Most of us make decisions based on the how the external world operates. Take time to depart form all the limitations and from all the fear that the world wants to burden with. Start to say to your self there got to be a better way too love some one, receive at the same time.The world showed you one big lesson ,which is business conduct,contract agreement , paying your bill on time and follow rules. Never one second be distracted from truly who you are. Like we have been discussing earlier our true self is unconditional love. the world is not going to love you the world is a projected reality of somebody! I advice you to watch the movie "inception". So brothers and sisters, let us start to project the kind of world that we need to see or be. Every true feeling that we create will resonate so high bonding with similar vibrational souls. Heal yourselves by saying "I love me"! "I Love myself". I expect the same love for my partners and all people! Now who do you think will hate,or oppose that? Off-course the advisory the ungodly being! Peace Family